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When I started the business, I promised myself 3 things

Firstly, I want to do things that I enjoy doing. Secondly, I want to have more time for myself and people that I love. And lastly, I want to help people to enjoy doing their business they so lovingly started.


Is it possible to enjoy run a profitable business doing the work you love without working endlessly and feeling bored?

Did you start your business to hustle and grind just because some motivational speaker asked you? Instead, you should build your business in such a way that let you do what you love doing and also take a break when you feel so without worrying.

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What makes this podcast unique?
You have probably heard many podcasts but you should subscribe to ‘Love Your Business Podcast’? Why? There are two big reasons.

1. This podcast is not about endless talks. Each episode is prepared with a lot of efforts and care to give you a detailed understanding of the idea. And each episode will leave you with actionable steps you can implement immediately.

2. Every episode is around 20- 25 minutes long but it takes 5-6 hours to prepare. Why is it so? Because learning should always be fun and easy. That’s why each episode is filled with carefully selected music that makes listening relaxing and joyful. Also, the best part is that you will learn the seemingly complex subjects easily with a lot of examples and stories.


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Enjoy the podcast and Enjoy Your Work 

Mayur Bardolia
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List of Available Podcast Episodes
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#43 How can we stay happy even if situations and people go bad in life?

#42 Why focusing on exponential growth is wrong and what should you do instead?

#41 Why people don’t like to fail and how to fail without losing motivation?

#40 How To Clear Our Mind And Think Great Thoughts?

#39 Why don’t we know ourselves well and how to know ourselves better?

#38 Why do objections help you sell faster and how to answer before the customers ask?

#37 Why We Get Disturbed By Others And What To Do About It?

#36 How to stop giving importance to what people think?

#35 How Can You Turn Disagreement Into An Advantage Without Making Others Feel Bad?

#34 What mistakes you should not do when you sell and what you must do instead?

#33 How can you sell bad products even if you compete against best products?

#32 Why you should be secretive about your product before launch and still make it successful?

#31 Why we don’t enjoy our work and how can we work without feeling bored?

#30 How to position your brand differently among dozens of competitors?

#29 What to do when you don’t start because you want to be perfect?

#28 Why people are terrible at sales and what to do instead?

#27 Why going slow is good even if the others around you going fast?

#26  How to learn anything in 3 steps in the quickest time?

#25 How to make sure you don’t lose your focus and concentration?

#24 How to increase your focus dramatically with a simple exercise anyone can do?

#23 How to know how much is enough to deliver to our clients?

#22 How working with more successful people make you depressed and how to stay happy working with them?

#21 Why most can’t keep customers happy and how to make your customers say ‘wow’?

#20 How to gain confidence even if you think it’s not possible?

#19 How to dramatically increase your chance of success with lesser efforts?

#18 Why should you not follow the crowd illogically and how to stand out to succeed?

#17 How to focus even if you find it impossible?

#16 What promise your customers want and how it can increase your sales?

#15 How to fulfil your ambition even if you think you are not talented?

#14 How to perform better without feeling tired?

#13 Most don’t know the 5 Types of Customers and How to Sell to Each of Them??-Part-2

#12 Most don’t know the 5 Types of Customers and How to Sell to Each of Them??-Part-1

#11 How to know if your product is good or bad and increase your success rapidly?

#10 How to create a good sales pitch in 3 steps with confidence?

#9 How can you motivate others and make an impact in other’s life?

#8 Why always focusing on success can make you unsuccessful?

#7 Why people don’t understand you and what can you do about it?

#6 How to discover innovative ideas even if you are not a creative genius?

#5 How to stand out from the competition and get selected by customers?

#4 How liars and fake supporters help you in business?

#3 How to deal with jealousy and stay happy in your business?

#2 Three false ideas most businesses believe in and how it makes their life miserable.

#1 Why people aren’t buying your product?

How to subscribe to receive Podcast?
You can listen subscribe using the following options
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