Why people are terrible at sales and what to do instead?

Why people are terrible at sales and what to do instead?

People think marketing and selling is something that to do it, a person needs to be an extrovert, sleazy or greedy.
And you don’t have to push people to buy if you know how to do it correctly. People fail at sales and marketing because they something terribly wrong.

You should not make those costly mistakes.
In this short podcast episode, you are going to learn why people fail at sales and what to do to be great at sales?

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What happens when you call a taxi.
The taxi arrives and the driver asks you where to go. You tell him the destination. The driver takes you to the place where you want to go. And it’s precisely where you want to go.

The driver doesn’t only fulfil your wish.

He makes sure that you reach your destination as quickly as possible and as safely as possible. He takes responsibility to get you to reach your destination. And he takes money in exchange for the service he provides.

You know I didn’t say anything extraordinary.

Think about selling and earning money. Whatever you sell, you have to do the same tasks as the taxi driver does. It’s nothing complicated. You need to take people to where they want to go or to be. People think marketing and selling is something that to do it, a person needs to be an extrovert, sleazy or greedy.

It’s not that difficult to figure out.

In one of my courses on ‘Pitch design course’ where I help students to design their sales pitch, some of the most introverted and shy people learn how to design the sales pitch and deliver the sales pitch confidently without looking greedy or pushy salesman. The students learn the right structure of the pitch and the sequence to deliver the pitch.

You too can sell if you know that.

It doesn’t matter if you are introverted or shy, you too can sell without pressure if you know how to do it. I have seen people failing at sales and there is something that they do wrong. In this short podcast episode, you are going to learn why people fail at sales and what to do instead? Let’s dive in.

Which is the biggest chocolate making company in the world?

If you think of ‘Mars Wrigley Confectionery’ from Chicago, USA, you are right. The second biggest company is Ferrero Group from Italy. Almost everyone loves chocolates. My daughter, Aarna and my wife, Dhruvi, love chocolates at any time.

It’s so good that even the creator of the product wants to consume too.

The people who make chocolates at Mars and Ferrero might also love what they make. But they are not interested in eating the chocolates they make. They love what they create but they love to get people to consume. They sell to people they don’t even know yet, they know what people love to have and deliver what people love to have.

People fail at selling because they do exactly the opposite to it.

You don’t have to be too much in love with your product/service. If you are terrible at selling it’s because you are not in love with your client or customers. Now, I am not talking about being romantic with your customers.

If you look at the website of Ferrero, you will know how they love their customers.

When they sell one of their products called, ‘Kinder chocolate’, they say, “A little a lot. We love all the little moments. For kids, moments are never little especially when shared with you.” 

Look at the way they promote their another great product called ‘Nutella’.

They say “We spread positive energy in families to bring more optimism to the world”. Hey, they didn’t say, we sell chocolate spread. The biggest chocolate making brand called ‘Mars Wrigley Confectionery’ also says the similar.

If you go on their website, it clearly says,

“When you make brands that put smiles on people’s faces and create better moments for millions, you feel a sense of pride in your work. Today, our iconic products like M&M’S, SNICKERS, ORBIT, EXTRA and Skittles are enjoyed in more than 180 countries. We’re not just committed to our consumers, we’re focused on positively impacting the planet and the population.”

That’s what you need to do.

You don’t need to be in love with your product/service. You must put your heart and soul when you create your product or service but you also need to keep the best interest of your customers in your heart.

This is not with only the two brands that we talked about.

You will find the same with all the great companies in the world. Here’s another good example I saw on the internet of a lawnmowing service. Instead of selling lawn-mowing services, sell a clean lawn that’s the envy of the neighbourhood.

You need to sell the new identity and how can you do it?

You are not selling any product but you sell the confidence and the new self-image every time you sell. The restaurant doesn’t sell food, they sell the elegant dining experience. Coca-cola doesn’t sell sugar drink, they sell happiness. Check out Coca-Cola’s ads and you will find out.

One of my clients is a fashion designer and she never says that she designs and sells clothes.

Her target customer is overweight women of more than 30 years of age. Instead of saying designing the clothes, she says that she makes overweight women look good. An overweight woman worries about ‘not having a super-model figure’, but she can make them look good with her art of designing the clothes. She sells a new self-image, charisma and confidence instead of just dresses.

Stop loving your product and service.

Instead, start loving your customers. You need to love to create and deliver what customers want. And you care more when you do something for the people you love. That’s why I love doing episodes on this podcast channel ‘Love Your Business’.


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