Mayur Bardolia speaks at World Social Media Day

Do you want another speaker who dumps tons of information with no real value to implement?

I know and you know that most speakers talk endlessly with hundreds of information that nobody enjoys listening. Even after some time, the audience feels burdened with a lot of confusing and boring information.

Mayur’s speech is way different from others. They are refreshing and immensely valuable.

Instead of going blah-blah on random topics, Mayur delivers the expert knowledge in too much detail without the fluff. The structure of the speech is short but gives a deeper understanding of a topic. The audience can understand without confusion and implement the concepts elegantly.

I thank myself for inviting Mayur for the keynote speech.
I am too sceptical before I invite anyone for a speech. I have invited many speakers who did not deliver the value I expected. I asked Mayur after a lot of hesitation.  

Mayur was recommended by many of my friends.

I found him very friendly and authentic. I listened to some of his podcast episodes and I found them extremely. I decided to call him for a presentation for my management team. He is an expert at what he talks about. The audience enjoyed him a lot with his knowledge. He delivers a refreshing speech with elegant slides and a lot of humour. He turns remarkably boring topics of marketing and sales into a very simple and funny style.

Mayur has a distinct style of engaging the audience from the beginning to the end. Mayur is the right speaker for your next event. Call him and you will like what he says.

– Vinayak C

Sophos, India

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