Meet Mayur
Specialized in helping people to get the outcome they never got so far with uncommon coaching style

My name is Mayur Bardolia.

I’m a coach and a trainer with a privilege of working with entrepreneurs, senior-level executives and highly committed people to solve their expensive challenges in their life and business faster and implement their ideas that guarantee more profit and time for themselves and family, (even in tough times) in the shortest time.

But before I tell you about how I can help you to execute their ideas faster 

(disclaimer: only if I think you’re a good fit and someone I’d like to work with) –

I must ask you…

Aren’t you tired of being stuck even after reading books on self-help and attending many workshops from many people who simply give you tons of information?

And squeezes you for every single penny your budget allows without guiding you exactly how you can execute step by step on dealing with your problems immediately?

I can relate.

It’s difficult to find a coach who not only understands your vision but someone who can also show you how to leading powerfully by solving the problems that come along the way of implementing your ideas.

Ultimately we know what to do, but we all need someone who can help us with step by step process to change our habit.

What’s worse is the wrong hire can cost your company thousands in lost revenues – I once made the mistake of hiring the wrong coach and cost me a lot – but guess how much money the coach helped me to make?

Not much

Think it doesn’t get any worse? Oh, it does.

I made the above mistake over and over again. It would have put my business out of business if it wasn’t for the one decision I made years ago…

So what was the one decision I made that transformed my business from a failing business to a rock solid, competitor destroying empire in just 1 year?

I mastered the art of implement each idea and strategies powerfully and faster even in tougher times. I learned how to deal with every single challenge without fear and hesitation even in tough times.

Not coaching or training that sounds good or looks cute – but coaching that brings cold hard results.

What’s, even more, is I’ve used my coaching skills to help people too.

I’ve honed the art of leadership coaching that actually develops powerful leadership habits without seeking for motivation in a wide variety of different industries.

Below are three record-breaking achievements I’m very proud to call my own:

1. Generated high figures in sales for the leading brands in the following industries: IT, beauty and wellness, business, fashion, real estate, psychology, and investing.

2. I built 12 online video courses on international broadcasting platforms. Currently, there are more than 500 video modules with 9,000+ students enrolled from 145+ countries. I created those courses in just less than 18 months.

3. I built the blogs from scratch to thousands of unique visitors in 24 months. I created more than 200 blogs on various platforms including my website in just 4 years. I also published 80-100 videos on youtube. By doing so, I was able to build a loyal following of readers from over 95+ countries

4. Published 5 books that are being sold in international markets. So far, more than 10,000 copies are sold that too without doing any promotional activity.

(Side note: Let me know if you’d like to contact any of my clients to verify my results – I’ll send you an Excel file with names and emails and you can ask whichever questions you please).

So with all that said – why should you hire me to coach you for your business?

Because you require someone who can help you to develop powerful habits and helps to give you a fresh perspective to deal with your challenges.

It will actually give you the results and instantly give you courage, clarity and confidence to take bold action with power and speed.

So, that you can make more profit and time for yourself and family. Your competitors will wonder how you do it.

In fact, I’m so confident that I’m going to be your best performing coach – I’ll even throw in the following two guarantees:

1. I’ve been coaching for a variety of verticals and from doing so, I’ve honed the skill of working with commitment and urgency while still producing high-quality work. Therefore, depending on your needs and preferences, I can assure you that I will have no problems meeting your terms (say goodbye to waiting weeks and months just to get the motivation and lousy piece of information).

2. I offer a personal guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the coaching I deliver for ANY REASON – don’t pay me a single dime. I want to absorb all the risk and ensure you receive great quality work you’re happy with. I’m willing to risk my time and energy to make you money while all you risk is higher profits.

Sounds good? You bet.

So what’s the catch?

I only take on 5 new clients a month. And I’ve already pre-booked 3 for the month of this month, however one final spot remains that will most likely fill up in the next hour or so.

So if you’re interested, reply back to me ASAP and we’ll see if we’d make for a great fit.

 – Mayur Bardolia

P.S. I’m a native Hindi/English speaker (born and raised in Surat, India) so communication will be no problem. I’m available on Skype at username: ‘Mayurbardolia’ (or email – ‘mayurbardolia@gmail.com‘) throughout the day and communication between us will be fast, easy, and effective.

Reply right now so we can discuss the details about your how we can work together to increase your profit and time.