A few years ago, I was struggling with living and growing. 

I changed many jobs and launched many businesses. Most of them failed.

But it doesn’t matter. I live to fail at the things that matter the most in life because

I want to go beyond thinking about and talking about greatness without fear. I don’t want to succeed at things that are not important. 

I reached the rock-bottom at my bank balance.

Lost the self-respect and dignity. I became an example of a miserable failure.

But, I managed to smile. Why?

Because I knew things will change.

A year after, I was right.

I have implemented so many ideas. Jumped into the business even I didn’t have a clue about and others were looking at me with shock.

Life changed.



I changed the way I was thinking (Mindset).

I changed the way I worked (Habit).

I developed as a person.

I became known as an influential and a leader.

Hey, Why am I telling you about personal development and giving you a motivational speech?

Most of the personal development is baseless and nonsense.

I don’t like motivational stuff, but somehow I have a huge number of people who are loyal to me.

They like to know what I have to say about my life and how I do things in life.

Most of them are with me for the last 6-7 years.

I want to achieve more things than before and I want to live a spectacular life rather than living an average life.

This is exactly what I share in my coaching, training, speeches and articles.

I know how to change the habit and mindset whenever it’s needed?

Is it possible?

I learned the tools to change the way I looked at the problems and challenges.

As a result, I immediately found the solutions and opportunities.

The only thing left is, ‘Implementation of Ideas’.

I did the minor adjustments in my behaviour. And voila! I worked what people call ‘Hard-work’. I became the ‘Action Machine’.

People asked me, “How can you do things faster and managed to achieve more in less time? How can you communicate with power and be influential? How can you sell effortlessly?”

How did I do? I learned from more influential and powerful business leaders.

Will you be able to use these mindsets and habits to grow?

No idea. That’s up to you.

But if you’re committed, you should.

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ATTENTION: Before you make any hiring decision and risk losing your hard earned money.

Here’s something you need to know about me…

I don’t write creative & clever articles, I don’t motivate people,

I don’t give inspiring speeches. I don’t write funny adverts.

Instead… I am specialized in helping individuals and organisations in helping them to get the outcome or goals they haven’t got so far with my uncommon coaching and training.

I coach and write that makes you more money and gets you higher quality people & customers. I focus on results.

I’ve studied hundreds of books on Coaching, Personal Development, Leadership Development and Sales & Marketing.

I focus on what works. And I don’t bother with the rest.

I’ve honed the art of coaching and training through years of practice and worked under top-rated coaches and marketers.

I have used my coaching and training skills to make cold hard cash in the following niche.

– Personal Development

– Leadership

– Sales & Marketing

– Impactful Communication

I look forward to increasing your money and to create more time for yourself.


“Mayur helped me to get out of my comfort zone. I knew what I had to do but somehow I was not taking action due to fear and anxiety. He helped me to gain clarity, confidence and courage. I could now see RESULTS with his remarkably simple yet effective process. I made a great decision of hiring him as my coach.”

Michael Hart

Michigan, USA

“Mayur’s training and coaching are straight-forward and truthful. His leadership, communication, and sales training are tremendously valuable and way better than any other training I have attended. His techniques and tools are very powerful. He helped me to make more profit and to create more free time. Mayur is the master coach.” 

Vinayak Sheth

Mumbai, India



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