How To Clear Our Mind And Think Great Thoughts?

How To Clear Our Mind And Think Great Thoughts?


We collect information from everywhere.Such as Social media posts, pictures, WhatsApp messages, blogs, youtube videos and so on. But free information many times comes with bad information.

Not all information or messages are worth paying attention to.
We are not aware of what we are feeding our brain. We need to clear the mind from bad information and create space to get great thoughts. In this podcast, we are going to discuss how we can get great thoughts that are within ourselves.

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Can you hear clearly one song when there are multiple songs playing at the same time?
What would you hear? Would you like it? There are multiple songs playing and you want to hear a particular song but you can’t hear it. It’s playing but you can’t listen well. It’s irritating. You have to turn off all other pieces of music or song to listen to the song that you like to listen. Once all other songs or music is shut one by one, you can then focus on listening to one piece of music clearly and you feel good to hear that. 

Our mind also plays multiple songs at the same time when we want to hear a particular song.
Our mind is polluted with a lot of thoughts and information. We take a lot of information all day long. Social media posts, pictures, WhatsApp messages, blogs, youtube videos and so on.

Too much of information around us.
It’s endless. There is an infinite amount of knowledge floating around the internet. Everyone wants to tell you everything. The process doesn’t end with taking information.

The ugly process starts now.
You read, You listen…and you need to think and interpret that information. It doesn’t stop there in a second. It continues. From one thought to another. It creates an endless link from our experience, belief, perspective and so on. The mind gets too busy. There is too much to process.

Here’s the danger!!
You have no space to create your own thoughts. You don’t need to read all blogs You don’t need to listen all podcasts including this. You don’t need to watch all the videos on the internet. You don’t need to read all the posts on Facebook or twitter. Not all messages are worth paying attention to. Just look around you. Everyone is glued to their phones.  Consuming too much of information. Most people are not aware of what they are feeding their brain. 

If you constantly stuff your brain full of other people’s thoughts you don’t even know them.
You leave little room for your own thoughts to flourish. That’s why it’s important to periodically take a days or a few weeks off to unplug from the noise. Even for few hours or minutes.
Take a break. Start spending time alone. Listen to your own voice. Create a place in your mind to think. All the answers are within us.

How are you going to do it?
Here’s what I do every day. Just sit and do nothing for 20 minutes. It’s that simple. It’s simple but it’s not easy in the beginning. You may feel uncomfortable. Because you haven’t done it before. You will feel that your mind will go on a roller-coaster ride of thoughts for the first 10 minutes. You will feel restless but still sit down for 20-30 minutes. Just do nothing and watch your thoughts.

Do you need to play music?
NO. You don’t have to. Do not even sleep for 20 minutes? A big NO!
Just sit upright. It’s one of the best meditation techniques I have ever used. It has helped me a lot and many of my clients. A lot of ideas will emerge because the fogg in your mind will be removed and the mind will be clear.

Just watch your thoughts. After some time, your mind will be clear. The new ideas will flow like a glowing light. Just like you will turn off all the songs you don’t need.  You will thank yourself for doing it. I hope you like it.

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