What to do when you don’t start because you want to be perfect?

What to do when you don’t start because you want to be perfect?


Most people don’t start working on their goals or projects because they wait for perfection. If you too are obsessed with perfection, unfortunately, it can never happen.

In this podcast, you will learn how a simple rule can get you out of your desire for perfection. As a result, you will finish more tasks and even faster without feeling bad about yourself.

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If you follow a simple rule shared in this podcast, You are going to dramatically change the way you do things?

When I wrote my first article, it took me one month to publish. I wanted to make it really good and why not? I decided to publish an article every week. That’s the bold promise I did to myself back then. But ridiculously, it took 6 months for me to publish my first 4 articles. There were stupid reasons for taking too long to do things.

Anyways, things are now drastically different and better.

In the last 10 years, I have been writing articles every week. I write articles, creating content for my courses, editing my website (yes, I write everything that you see on my website mayurbardolia.com), creating videos and now, I am releasing podcast episodes every week. There were few exceptions where I decided to take a break for 1 or 2 months. I took such breaks 3-4 times. But mostly, I have been consistent. People sometimes ask me how I get so many things. You too can do more things.

In this podcast, You will also learn a simple technique that will help you to do more things and do things faster. Let’s dive in.

Imagine you are going to a business networking meeting.

You see other smartly dressed people. People come to you and talk to you. You feel shy and terrified because you feel you will be judged by the way you look, walk and talk. So, you avoid meeting people because you think it’s not the perfect time and place to meet people. You think you are not quite ready for it yet.

That’s not how you should blow up the opportunities?

The desire to look perfect or do perfect will never help you to get started. The reason why you want to be perfect is not only because you want to be liked and accepted by others. But rather it’s because of fear.

You don’t want to fail and you don’t have the fear of failure too.

It’s the fear of taking the first step. It’s the fear of being seen. People are too afraid of criticism and that’s why they avoid doing things. It’s fear of getting rejected that has kept people dreaming about their goals. To deal with these fears, people want to do things perfectly so that they can get approval from others. So they can avoid being criticised. It’s too energy and time consuming to seek perfection. It’s extremely tiring to work till you are perfect. So, what’s the best way to get out of this endless journey of perfection? Let’s find out, shall we?

What’s software is used by the most professional photographer to edit the photos?

The answer is Adobe Photoshop. It was originally created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. They have released 20 versions so far. It started as version 1,2, 3 and since their version 8, it’s called CS, CS2, CS3 and so on.

But why do they need to release updates after updates?

Does it mean that they could not create a perfect version in their first release? What makes them create new updates frequently? Photoshop gradually adds more and more features as time goes on. Also, Photoshop asks their customers what improvement they are looking for. Customers tell Adobe photoshop when they find any bugs.

You too should do something similar.

I believe in doing something similar. I believe in doing things when it’s almost 70% right. You can never do 100% initially. Whenever you feel you 70% completed, just release it. No company or no product is 100% completed when they are released. You can start and get it perfect later on. You always have the freedom to add, delete or replace whenever you require. None of my product or article is 100% right. I just publish it and make changes whenever it’s required.

The first edition of my book called ‘Offer Craft’ was given to people to check.

It was not published for the public. I got the feedback and did the changes. Then I published with some changes. After 6 months, I released the second version of that book with some changes again. If I would’ve waited for 100% perfection, I could’ve never published any of my courses, products and articles. It’s not about being too average.

I am not asking you to release things that are disgusting or boring.

I am not even asking you to release without doing a self-check. But I have found that most people just don’t get started because they wish they must do things perfectly in the first trial. Sometimes, your incomplete will give you the success that you are looking for.

One of my courses accidentally became a superhit in 2014.

I was asked to give a training to a staff of more than150 people at a company. I had to deliver the training program on marketing and sales using the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. After preparing the content for many months, the company didn’t schedule the training event. I was so sad because I did a lot of correction because they wanted me to do so. I was disappointed. I was looking at my content that took months to prepare and wondered what to do.

Somehow, I decided to turn the same content into a course.

I used that content and created the course called ‘Conversational hypnosis: How to communicate hypnotically?”. I put efforts into creating the course and used all the resources available at that time. I published it with as much correction I could do. I published it on an online course portal called udemy.com. I put myself on the platform from where the whole world can buy my course.

An almost accidental course pulled enormous success to me.

I launched my course not only on udemy but many other online course sites. The course ‘How to communicate hypnotically?” attracted more than 5,000 students from 140+ countries. If I would have waited to make it perfect, I could’ve never reached a massive audience. The course is still available and it’s not changed at all. Still, a lot of people are enrolling every single day. You can go for what you have now.

The biggest brands like Apple, Tesla, Google, Amazon never had and will never have a perfect product or service.

There is no such thing as a perfect product or service. The perfect product or service that people want is with you right now. Your customers don’t even know what is 100% perfect. They will find your 70% perfect product as their 100% perfect product.

Can this podcast be 100% perfect?

No or Yes. Can I add more stories to this podcast? Can I make it longer? Should I add more and better music? Should I delete something and add something more interesting? Yes and No. It’s better to be imperfect than not doing anything.

If you are ready with 70% of what you can do, it’s good to do go. You can always tweak the rest 30% later. You can fill in the remaining 30% later on. How about giving yourself the permission to start where you are right now with what you have regardless of how imperfect or incomplete it is.



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