How can you motivate others and make an impact in other’s life?


How can you motivate others and make an impact in other’s life?

Author: Mayur Bardolia

motivateWe get motivated after watching motivational videos. You wish we can be helpful to others.
And the good news is: you don’t have to so exceptional to inspire others.
You can be the reason for someone’s success even if you are not successful.

It’s a great feeling when someone thanks you for their success and it should not surprise you.
How can you make a lasting impact on people’s lives? Let’s find out in this short episode.

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I published my first book ‘Conquer your procrastination’ in 2015. It took me 5 years to decide to publish it. I have been thinking to write since 2010. I started but could not do much about it. One of the reasons was I was not too sure if any publisher would be ready to publish my book.

I saw that as a long process so I didn’t try harder. But on one fine day, I was discussing my wish to publish a book with one of my good friends, Dr Madhusudan Raj who is an economics professor and a philosopher. I also shared my worry about finding a publisher. At that time, he told me that it’s a matter of a few minutes to publish a book on Amazon without any expense. I could not believe it. Even he didn’t know the full process but he asked me to google ‘how to publish a book on amazon kindle?’.

On the same day, I googled and got the answer.
Then, everything became easier because writing content was not a problem but finding someone to publish was a problem for me. And I did not stop at one book only. I then wrote 2 books in the next two consecutive months.

I did not stop and published 6 books in total.
It was not possible if my friend, Dr Madhusudan Raj encouraged me almost accidentally. I still thank him for inspiring me and he doesn’t even know that he inspired me to write a book. There was also another person who inspired me to write my first book as quickly as possible. He inspired me by challenging me. In some other podcast, I will share the story of how I finished writing 3 books in just 3 months. This is a very short podcast but it’s important to share with you.

We can motivate others. You don’t have to be a motivational speaker and speak from the stage to encourage. You don’t have to create videos or podcasts like this to inspire someone. You somehow can motivate and bring change in others. How exactly? Let’s discuss. Shall we?

If you take an example of any sportsperson, celebrity, actors, industrialist or even leaders.
Someone came in their life and they got that spark of inspiration in a short conversation. They didn’t attend any motivational speaker’s event but rather they looked at someone or had a talk with someone almost accidentally.

You too have taken a life-changing decision after almost an accidental meeting, instead of a planned event.
Your life can be an inspiration to others. You too are probably inspiring others and you don’t probably know that. We are in this world for a certain time period. We have the opportunity to make an impact in other’s life.

You don’t have to write a book or post something on Facebook.
If you choose to do your work at an above-average standard, people will notice and want to work like you. You probably don’t need to change, but your action and words will inspire people along the way.

So, talk to people and show them a better way.
You never know their life will be at the next level because of you. You may not need to talk but your action will speak louder than the words. Your action will be the inspiration for many. If my friend, Dr Madhusudan Raj, did not accidentally show me how to be a published author for free in just a few minutes using Amazon Kindle service, I probably would have not published 6 books so far.

That was only a short conversation and there was a big shift in my life.
So, keep inspiring others. You never know. After some years, people will come to you and thank you for motivating them to do the things they could never do. And you will be surprised.


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