How to increase your focus dramatically with a simple exercise anyone can do?


How to increase your focus dramatically with a simple exercise anyone can do?

focusWe all have extraordinary goals.
Yet, when we start to work, we get distracted by hundreds of things. We go on an endless journey of thoughts. And most of our thoughts are not going in the direction of our plans.

Normally, I can manage to get focused.
And most of my clients don’t have the problem of getting focused. It’s possible after doing an exercise that dramatically increases our alertness.

What should you do to pay complete attention to your work?
I have been teaching an exercise to increase the focus in our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training, workshops and consulting practice. Find out the powerful exercise. It will help you.

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What happens in our mind as soon as wake up?
As soon as the time we wake up, we should feel light and clear. It’s because you had a good sleep I assume. Or even if you have a bad sleep, you still rested. So, you should feel calm. The reason why we sleep is that we need a rest. We need a break to recharge our batteries. We need to put our mind on a rest. So, we sleep and before we sleep, we hope when we wake up we are fully charged with an inner sense of calmness. So that we can focus and pay attention better.

But that’s not exactly what happens most of the time.
As soon as you wake up, your mind starts the train of thoughts. It takes you on a ride of all the kind of reminders, tasks, people, news, alerts, to-do list and all kinds of emotions. It jumps from one thought to another. It’s a crazy ride. 

There few things that even increases this madness.
You check your phone and start reading the messages. The messages don’t stop. Your mind immediately starts interpreting those messages and create multiple trains of thoughts. Not only that, you start thinking of what are you going to do during the day. What tasks are important? Who do you need to meet? And there is too much to think of. And you feel exhausted by just thinking about things you are going to do. The same goes on throughout the day.

Every day, we battle to stay calm and get focused on things at any given moment.
We wish we have control over what we want to focus on. There are hundreds of things going on during the day. We try everything to stay focused and we lose focus after some minutes or many times, after a few seconds.

There is a powerful exercise that I do that increases my focus and attention dramatically.
About 12 years ago, when I was learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnosis, I learned a powerful exercise to increase concentration. This helped me incredibly whenever my mind starts running around. A similar but more intense exercise is taught in martial arts training too so that they can pay attention to the minute detail of the opponent’s movement very precisely.

After doing this exercise, you will be able to enter this state of alertness in which you could see everything, hear everything, and be so perceptive that you not only could tell minute differences in people and things around you. After some practice, you will be very, very aware, and very, very connected, to the world around you.

Now, this seems like a bit of an amazing state to be in, and perhaps a lost art.
But, I actually believe that everyone is capable of this. I learned this in NLP and hypnosis as I said earlier. I have been teaching the exercise that I do that increases my level of focus and attention.
There are many exercises that I teach in NLP workshops that help in dealing with your mind and emotion better. Let me share one of the exercises that I teach in my NLP workshops here. When you do this exercise, It’s like time has just totally stopped, between one second and the next.

Now, that state of complete clarity, of being totally in the moment, totally aware, seeing everything around you, hearing everything around you, being in connection with the world around you; is a very important state to be in.
It is a kind of altered state. But it’s one of heightened awareness, and it’s something that you’re about to practice so that you have a greater connection to both the outside world and your own intuitions.

Now, the exercise you’re about to do has hypnotic elements in it. It requires all of your focus and attention. And so, if you’re driving a car or operating any kinds of machinery, just stop whatever you are doing and listen to this exercise only when you are ready to focus all of your attention safely on the process of learning this powerful exercise. So, as you’re ready to learn this heightened state of awareness now, just sit somewhere comfortably. Or better still, stand up.

The exercise script:

“And I’d like you to just focus all of your attention on a point, somewhere above eye level. Maybe where the ceiling and the wall meet. Or a corner of the room. And I want you to find a specific point that you can focus ALL of your attention on. So you’re beginning to feel all your focus narrowing down, like a tunnel vision, on this one specific point. Focus on every ounce of your concentration now. Try and make out every little bit of detail that you can get a hold of. Now you’ll realise as you’re doing this, that it actually takes a lot of strain and effort to do this. So when you’re ready, just allow your eyes to relax. Keep looking at that point. But your eyes will begin to soften, and as they relax the muscles in the eyes, you’ll notice that your vision tends to expand. You can see more of the room, that you’re in: Maybe the ceiling, the walls, the corners of the room, the colour of the carpet or whatever the floor is made of. And as you continue to relax with your eyes open, you’ll notice that your vision tends to expand, all the way around you. Allow it to expand, so that you can almost get a sense of knowing what it would be like to see through the eyes in the back of your head. notice, at some point, your breathing just relaxes even more, whilst your vision expands and you’re totally aware of the outside world. As soon as your breathing becomes automatic and calm and relaxed, you can bring your eyes down to normal eye-level only as slowly as you maintain this heightened state of awareness; seeing everything around you. Now as you’re doing this, I’d like you to go ahead and pay attention to your ears.

Now, your ears are like a sonar device. And I’d like you to pay attention to all the little sounds that you can hear. First will be the sound of my voice. Perhaps you can hear some background noises in the house, or outside, in the streets, or in the garden outside where you are. Begin to expand your hearing, so that the more you hear, the more you become aware of your own sight and vision. Vision and hearing blending together.

That’s right. And now, turn your attention towards your feelings. Notice every single movement inside your body. Notice that one of your hands is slightly warmer or heavier than another one..find out which one…maybe your neck is a bit tense …and your legs might be lighter than your body…. pay attention to every single muscle movement in your body….maybe you can feel which muscle is tense and which one is relaxed….

Now allow all of your attention to focus on the three senses at the same time. So you see everything around you. And as you see it, you get a sense of what it would feel like to touch it. And at the same time, you’re hearing the sounds. And all these sensations blending into one.

You’re totally connected to everything around you. If there are people in the room, you can be connected to them also. A sense of total awareness, calm awareness, relaxed awareness. In time, the thoughts inside your mind will stop altogether. For now, just enjoy this state. And know that you can come back to this at any time that you wish to. 

Maybe you are listening to voice in a whole different way.
I want to know from you how you are feeling right now. all of my clients and participants who attend the NLP workshop are doing this exercise whenever they need to be alert and it helps them tremendously. I do it too. I also teach the shorter version of this exercise. That takes only 30-45 seconds to get a similar result.

You need to do this exercise because there are hundreds of things that fighting with each other to get your attention.
Don’t let your work get affected because of a lack of focus. If you need to learn more about such powerful exercises that will give you the power to think and act better by using your mind better, you should attend the next NLP workshop.

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