What mistakes you should not do when you sell and what you must do instead?

What mistakes you should not do when you sell and what you must do instead?


Why sometimes people don’t believe what you say?
Even if we tell them about our service and the results that we will deliver, they simply are not ready. We have the best interest in our heart for them.

Yet all of our talks go over our customer’s head.
They still don’t believe Even if you clearly provide the solution to the problem they want to solve. So, what is missing in our talk?

In this podcast, we are going to discuss What mistakes that people make when they sell? What is something that will make your sales talk way easier without you need to push harder?

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How to slowly give pain to yourself?
Well, this is something I realized I was doing to myself till 2015. I have been using computers since 1997. I worked mostly on the Microsoft Windows operating system. I didn’t like to use Microsoft Windows because of many reasons. The new laptop or computer works very fast but after some time it gets really slow.

I hated it.
Microsoft Windows operating system crashes often. It’s easily gets affected by computer viruses. Many times, I had no other option other than just formatting my hard drive. And as a result, I lost so much information and data that took painstaking efforts to create.

You know how it feels.
In 2011, I met one of my friends, Mr Raj Badri who I used to approach if my computer needs fixing.  I would ask him if I want to know anything about computers and laptops. He insisted to buy an Apple Macbook because he thought I should buy it. I didn’t believe him. And I found Apple Macbook way more expensive than the average laptop that runs on the Windows operating system. So, I bought a laptop with a windows system that kept crashing often.

Raj Badri did not stop asking me to go for Apple MacBook.
He persisted. In the meantime, I lost so much data because of formatting the hard drive multiple times. Also every day, I have to be so patient to deal with the slow computer. No matter how much I repair it, the computer didn’t work faster. Raj frequently asked me to trust him and I had to think seriously.

Finally, in 2015, I bought a secondhand MacBook from Raj to try.
I was amazed by the features. The machine was working like a magic. Even after using it for the 3 years, it didn’t become too slow like the Microsoft windows laptops used to get in just 6 months. Then I bought another Apple MacBook in 2019. I didn’t think of any other option.

Now, here’s a small declaration.
I am not strongly advocating Apple MacBook if you are already happy with windows laptops. There can be some programs that Apple doesn’t support. Apple’s accessories are also very expensive. Your choice can be different from mine and I respect your choice.

I bought it because I liked Apple MacBook.
More importantly, Raj Badri convinced me to buy an Apple MacBook instead of windows laptops. He never explained the features, benefits, hardware or the results I was going to get. He sold me his confidence. He asked me to trust him. And I did. I don’t regret it. I wish I had listened to him before. 

Customers don’t buy no matter what you try to sell.
They don’t even believe you even if you sell harder or push too much. You show them the problems they are facing and you offer a solution. But they don’t listen. 

In this short episode, we are going to discuss two things.

  1. What we think we should sell but people don’t buy?
  2. What we really should sell that make people buy?

Let’s find out.

What do you see and hear in a busy market of a city?
It can be a vegetable market, cloth market or any place where there are a lot of shops that sell things. You hear a lot of noise. You see people shouting and everyone is claiming to be the best in the market. You see people show what they have got. They all are battling with each other. It’s a tough competition. 

They all are telling you about themselves.
They tell you how old are they in the market, they show you all the services and products they have. They tell you the results that they will deliver. But most of them are confusing because they all tell the same stories.

Most people do the same in our business.
They show people how good they are. They show all the fancy credentials that they have. Even in the latest job market, many employers don’t bother too much about credentials. In business, except a few professions such as Doctor, Lawyer, Pharmaceutical etc. customers don’t even want to know your credentials. When you open most of the websites, you will find a lot of companies tell what services they offer and what results they offer. Again, the internet is a crowded place.

Everyone is showing themselves as an expert.
They make crazy claims and some of them are scams too. Your customers get confused by this noise. They can’t decide to buy from you.  We don’t sell what we think we are selling. We are not selling credentials. This is why many professionals struggle to run a business because they believe their credentials will automatically run the business but they don’t matter much. We are not even selling our expertise because nobody trusts us before they try us.

The customers hear a lot of people telling them the services and results.
The customers are tired and want to protect their hard-earned money from some scammy business person who gives big promises and don’t deliver the results. So, the customers become alert when someone tries to sell to them. So, what we should be selling instead? Let’s find out in the second part, shall we?

When you have a toothache, you can’t think of any other pain in the world.
Last year, I visited my dentist because you know why. I had a toothache. And the dentist investigated and told me that I had to get rid of a wisdom tooth and also a tooth requires a root canal treatment. 

A root canal procedure sounds scary to me.
I tried to convince my dentist to do something else that is less painful. But he was quite firm on his advice. I didn’t want to go through the pain. The dentist told me the really bad consequences of not doing the root canal treatment. I asked about everything that he was going to do and I was even more afraid.

On the other hand, it was required to go through dental treatment.
He showed me some videos and pictures to convince me. None of his arguments convinced me.  Finally, he said something that convinced me immediately without scaring me or pushing me. He said, “Put your trust in me. I will take care of your worries. I will do the work that you want me to do and I will do well.”

The treatment went perfectly well.
The only thing that he convinced me is to allow him to do the work was just a few kind words. This is exactly what we need to do when we sell. What we think we sell is not our credentials, qualifications or degrees. We think we are selling our expertise and services but we are not. We are not even selling our results.

What we really sell is something that most people do wrong.
We are selling confidence. People will buy when you are giving them the confidence that your product is right for them and you are going to serve them as they expect. People are not too sure if your product or service is right for them. You can give the assurance that they are in safe hands. When you have the best interest about them in your heart, they can feel it.

People don’t know if you can deliver the results.
You need to tell them you have control from the beginning to the end. Give them the trust to allow them and give them the assurance that you care for them. They do not want to hear anything else when you give them the trust of doing the work. You need to create a safe zone if you are providing the service. So, don’t sell the credentials.

Your expertise, services and results are good to begin to convince. But more importantly, sell them the confidence, certainty, and control you have over the work from the beginning. They will buy from you when you sell your trust and care.



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