What to do when ‘To-Do List’ fails?

What to do when 'To-Do List' fails? You kick off your day with a vision and goals for a new day. As soon as you wake up, your mind starts making calculations about the tasks you are going to do and the time it will probably take. One of many techniques to make sure you Read More

10 Tips to Wake up Early

10 Tips to Wake-up Early You are enjoying the early morning sleep and dreaming deeply. And suddenly alarm goes off. You press the snooze button and wishing you will enjoy 10 more minutes of sleep and again the alarm goes off. You again wish you could enjoy another 10 minutes and it continues until you Read More

2-Minutes Productivity Technique

Productivity Do you postpone things that are so quick and important to do, and you don't do? Do you just don't bother about those little things and think you should do it later on? This looks very common problem. It drains our energy and takes our focus from important tasks.  Postpone is the greatest waste of Read More