Why we don’t enjoy our work and how can we work without feeling bored?

Why do we avoid doing the work and have fun? And even when we have fun or relax, we feel guilty for not doing the work.
We feel unsatisfied and unhappy when we can’t finish our work. After all, we have to do the work to run our business.
In this podcast, you are going to find out how can you deal with the feeling of regret of not doing the work.
Let’s find out how can you enjoy doing your work?

Why going slow is good even if the others around you going fast?

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How to make sure you don’t lose your focus and concentration?

How to make sure you don’t lose your focus and concentration? No matter how much we practice and how hard we work, we lose our focus when we need to hit our target. We make mistakes at the last minute. Sometimes, We are good at doing things that are difficult to do for most. On Read More