Why people don’t understand you and what can you do about it?

Why people don't understand you and what can you do about it? Author: Mayur Bardolia How do you feel when the customer doesn’t understand what you mean no matter how precisely you say? We say something we know very well but they don’t have any clue what we are talking about. This is exactly what Read More

10 Tips To Looking And Feeling Confident

10 Tips To Looking And Feeling Confident Do you struggle sometimes to be confident? Your level of self-confidence influences your future. People intuitively recognize how much self-confidence you have and respond accordingly. When you learn how to communicate non-verbally with confidence, you will influence people without speaking much. Others will begin treating you with more Read More

Do You ‘Disagree’ or ‘Get Offended’?

We all love to be liked by others. We like those who agree with us. Conflicts and Disagreement are part of our life. In a personal and professional life, we always have to confront or negotiate with others quite often. Sometimes it feels like we have to spend our whole life convincing others to agree Read More

Magic of Tag Questions to Influence & to Get Agreement

Do you want to influence others and get people to say yes to you? Difficult? Not really! It's far easier than you imagine. You can have the power to influence and get people agree with you with a ridiculously easy but very powerful language pattern of NLP called 'Tag Question'. It's easy to use and Read More

The Power of Questions – You Can Not ‘NOT ANSWER’!

Before I move one, Let me just share some interesting fact with you. When people face any problem, they focus more on the problem rather than solutions. In order to get solutions, we need to ask questions and with the use of questions we need to lead our mind to the solution we are looking Read More