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Will You Stop Stopping?

Hi It's my 100th Article. Yes, I am very much excited to write this article. This is so special to me. I never had an idea I could reach up to this milestone when wrote my first article. The first article took really long to finish because I had a fear if I could write Read More

Unstuck yourself with ‘The Unsticker’- Powerful Problem Solving Tool

Unstuck yourself with 'The Unsticker'- Powerful Problem Solving Tool We all have problems. We all want to move ahead. We want to progress continuously, but we feel that we are stuck. More or less.... People always do whatever it takes or I should say fight to minimize or eliminate problems. Problems never finish. They will Read More

It’s all about Deciding Vs Doing

During my recent life coaching session, my student asked me "I have always decided to improve the quality of my life and business, but Why I could never start? I have always wanted to prosper and create the life I want but why I could not do it?"I shared an old riddle , "Five frogs Read More

Easiest Ways to Diffuse Anger

"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die,"-  Buddha How easy is it for others to make us angry? Do you get angry at someone you don't know and your anger drives you crazy for hours and probably for days? It probably makes you think about that person over Read More

A Simple Question To Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

A Simple Question To Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs I am quite convinced that people are really good at reading minds and predicting the future. Do you think it's strange? In this article, I am sharing with you one the topics of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) called 'Meta Model'. In Meta model, there are set of Read More

Do You Want To Be Extremely Motivated? Be a Child!!!

Do You Want To Be Extremely Motivated? Be a Child!!! Almost 9 out of 10 people are suffering from lack of motivation. People often seek for confidence. Most of the time, their fear is holding them back. People go to various seminars (Free or paid!!), read inspirational quotes from wherever they can. Purchase almost all Read More

Magic of Tag Questions to Influence & to Get Agreement

Do you want to influence others and get people to say yes to you? Difficult? Not really! It's far easier than you imagine. You can have the power to influence and get people agree with you with a ridiculously easy but very powerful language pattern of NLP called 'Tag Question'. It's easy to use and Read More

2 Powerful Questions

2 Powerful Questions I always love questions. Do you? Questions have amazing power and without questions, there can not be an answer. Now, answer following questions.. Do you feel stuck? Do you think you are facing problems and can't find the way out? Do you constantly talk about yourself and ask negative questions? Obviously, you Read More

What a ‘MadMan’ is teaching you?

A Mad Man? A story? How a mad man can teach us? In this article, by telling you a story, I will show you how we are exactly the same as a mad man (or let's say a so-called madman!!!) A mad man (Me? Why not?) lives in a mental ward. Each day they let Read More

You Have Got All The Resources That You Need

Ever wondered how you can grow in your life faster than others? One of my client of Personal Life Coaching was asking me for the help. He was feeling upset because he could not grow in his life compared to his other friends and colleagues. He was blaming the world and situation for not giving Read More

How Your Words Will Increase Your Motivation?

You have plans, you have strategies, you have ideas, you set goals... This is wonderful so far. The only problem is that most of the time people don't start. They wait for the BEST (!!!!) Motivational Video or book to start. It works but alas, not for long time. In this article, you are going Read More

Change Happens At Anytime!

Change Happens At Any time! Recently, I had a client who was too hopeful about his life.  Now, this is a very common problem.  I have seen many people in my career who is suffering the same problem. People are just too hopeful about their  future. The irony is that they just wait, wait and Read More

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself We, human beings, have a habit of investigating things and people around us. Some people are too curious what's good and mostly what's wrong in others' lives. Some constantly spend time on where I can earn the extra money or where I can save extra money. We wake up Read More

Some ‘Be’ Words for Achievements

Some ‘Be’ Words worth Knowing for Achievements Everybody is hungry for some achievements. Small or big, It doesn’t matter. Maybe you have some goals you want to achieve. Why not? In this particular article, I am going to share some words start with ‘Be’ and without those words, it’s impossible to achieve almost anything. Read Read More

Tips to Beat The Stress Before It Beats You

 In this Modern time, we have learned how to make our life easier and make ourselves more productive than 50-60 years ago. But Hang on a Second....... We have become even more stressful than ever before. Who can not be under stress? In our highly proactive lifestyle, we have to go very far and very Read More

It’s Time to Take Decision to Decide- Part-2

This is the second part of the previous article. If you have missed the first part, I highly recommend you to READ HERE first before you continue reading. If you have understood the first part of it, continue reading now. There are two kinds of people. One is taking hundreds of actions but still feel Read More

It’s Time to Take Decision to Decide- Part -1

Everything you wish to accomplish is useless if you don’t decide. Decision-making skill is one of the most ignored areas in the world. It’s the most essential to achieving any success and it’s the beginning of Self-Discipline. It the starting point of a journey. People decide to not to take any decision rather than taking Read More

Nikola Tesla-The Greatest Inventor Who Lit the World

I am compelled to write this article to a person who is one of the greatest scientists and inventors we ever found in the history. Unfortunately, very few people know about him and perhaps you don't know him yet. We were never taught about him in our schools. After finishing reading this article, you will Read More

Your Questions will Answer Your Problems

Your Questions will Answer Your Problems I have and probably you have experienced that when you are stuck in any problem, you require some ideas. The irony is that the ideas come mostly when we are busy with other plans such as driving, watching TV, going for a walk, in a bath, listening to a Read More

Life is NOT Colourful and Shining! WHY??

Life is NOT Colourful and Shining! WHY?? We are always in pursuit of happiness and success. The definition and objective of happiness and success might be different from person to person. Somewhere down the line we, as a human, began to think that happiness, success, and the life we dream about, is our right, not Read More

Why Do Businesses Fail?-2

Why Do Businesses Fail?-2 In last article, we discussed the research done by professor Jeffrey Pfeffer from Stanford B-School. He asked a question: If we are so smart, why can’t we get anything done?  He leaves us with a worrying question: Why can’t we get anything done? This question has made researchers find answers. If Read More

Authentic Vs Fake- It’s all about Your Identity

Authentic Vs Fake Today I am going to share a guaranteed way to failure!!!! Do this: fake it ‘til you make it. I bet you didn’t expect to hear that. I mean, how many times have you been told you need to fake it ‘til you make it be successful? It has become the mantra Read More

The Power of Questions – You Can Not ‘NOT ANSWER’!

Before I move one, Let me just share some interesting fact with you. When people face any problem, they focus more on the problem rather than solutions. In order to get solutions, we need to ask questions and with the use of questions we need to lead our mind to the solution we are looking Read More

Tips to Wake-Up Earlier

Whether you want it or not, you are going to read it. Now, who doesn’t like to sleep for hours?!!?! I know it’s really good to dream for longer and enjoy. But the saying goes, “In order to make your dreams come true, you need to wake up and take productive actions”. It’s bitter truth. Read More