Why comfort zone is a danger zone?

Why comfort zone is a danger zone?

‘Work’ is one of the ugliest words for most people because people choose comfort over discomfort & pain. People are on autopilot most of the time and they quickly go in their comfort zone without awareness.

It’s easy to get distracted. We are wired for comfort.

The reason why do only some people become successful is because very few people step outside their comfort zone and take some uncomfortable decisions.
If you want to grow, you have to do things what you haven’t done before. You decide to do grow and you take required actions. It’s that simple to grow.

However, people don’t generally persist. They go off the track. They set their goals and after few days, the momentum disappears. There will be things which will tempt you to go off the track.

But why does it happen?

Because It’s habitual. People postpone because they have postponed in the past. People do irrelevant things because they have done irrelevant things for many years.

So, what to do instead?
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