What to do when ‘To-Do List’ fails?

What to do when ‘To-Do List’ fails?

You kick off your day with a vision and goals for a new day. As soon as you wake up, your mind starts making calculations about the tasks you are going to do and the time it will probably take.

One of many techniques to make sure you will do what you said you would do in the morning, is to make a ‘To-Do List’.to-do list

It’s great if all those things actually get done by the end of the day but sadly, almost half of those tasks are undone. 

Making a ‘to-do list’ is an ideal technique to increase your productivity. I strongly suggest you to making a list of activities you are going to do during the day. If you don’t do, you will keep adding another unproductive day in your life. It’s painful to regret afterward.

‘To-do list’ keeps you on track and focused. The problem happens when people don’t do (can’t do) what’s on the list.

Some of my coaching clients faced the same issue. Most of the time a ‘to-do list’ doesn’t create the sense of urgency. So, the list becomes useless and people start losing an interest to make to-do list regularly.


You must not let it happen!!!

Here’s a brilliant idea to make sure you get your important tasks done.

I came across this idea from someone a few years ago. I can’t remember who shared this idea originally. 

In my coaching practice, I share the same formula to my clients to increase their productivity and ultimately profit.



Make a ‘Must-do list’…..

We have many things to do throughout the day but we can not do all of them because of physical and mental limitation.to-do-vs-must-do

We need to filter out some of the MOST IMPORTANT tasks and put those tasks on ‘Must-do list’.

These tasks MUST be done NO MATTER WHAT.

Again, do not forget ‘To-do list’. That is often too long and is filled with superficial actions. 

You need to focus on key actions that directly measurable and beneficial. Those key activities must be leading towards results that you want.

What are the actions that you really need to do? Make this a must-do list.

Our mind will easily see the difference when it looks at a regular ‘To-do list’ and a ‘Must do list’.

So, make a ‘Must-do list’.

– Mayur Bardolia

Results Coach/ Author

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