What a ‘MadMan’ is teaching you?

A Mad Man? A story? How a mad man can teach us?

In this article, by telling you a story, I will show you how we are exactly the same as a mad man (or let’s say a so-called madman!!!)

fraudA mad man (Me? Why not?) lives in a mental ward. Each day they let this man into the recreation room. He is in his pajamas. He sits down at the circular table. The attendant gives him a big blank pad of paper and a box of crayons. He takes out the crayons and draws the head of a monster. Then he starts screaming and runs out of the room.

the whole thing looks funny to the attendant and almost every normal person in the room. It looks, shall we say it…INSANE! STUPIDITY! CRAZY!!!

The poor madman is scaring himself to death!

And crazy as that looks, we ourselves do that each day. We use our crayons (our imagination) to scare ourselves instead of to create.

One person sees rain and gets sad because of their story about rain that they are believing. (“It’s gloomy. It means I’ll be cooped up.”) Another person sees rain and gets happy because their story about the rain (“It’s refreshing. It’s romantic. It grows my garden”). It’s the same rain in both cases. Rain has no meaning until we add it.

Each person believes the rain is causing the feeling but in neither case is the rain causing the feeling. In both cases, it is the thought believed that is causing the feeling. We add the meaning ourselves. Something happens and we add the meaning of it. circumstance carries no meaning by itself.

Rain has no meaning. That’s the beauty of the rain.

We constantly react to the outside world, such as experiences, situation, communication, incidents, atmosphere etc.

We give meaning to each and everything happening around us.1197781_3d_glasses

We see an event and we label either good or bad, positive or negative, problem or opportunity etc.

Two people react differently to the same event.

We always consciously or unconsciously imagine the future.

Sometimes we get excited but most of the time we get terrified about the future.

When we imagine (perceive) that we are overwhelmed by outside events (or options, or tough choices or situations, or ways of making money etc.) it is an illusion because the brain doesn’t even function that way.

Only a thought believed can produce a feeling of overwhelm.

Thinking outside of the boxSituations- even ‘dramatic’ situations like bankruptcy, divorce, death and economic recession – cannot directly cause a feeling of any kind until the brain interprets and creates a story about said situation.

Sadness, depression, frustration, upset and anxiety can only be produced by seeing a situation and then producing an interpretation of it and then believing that interpretation. So, therefore, you and I can only be overwhelmed by our thoughts about something, never the thing itself.

Now, tell me how you are reacting to the situation.

Remember: The brain doesn’t differentiate the situations. It gives meaning what we want to give to it.

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