We feel lazy sometimes (or most of the time).

The burning question is that why we are motivated to do things which are entertaining to us and why we are not motivated to do those things which are important to us.

I have received numerous queries regarding how to overcome laziness and start taking action.

lazyWell, I start looking at them and ask them what could the best day to start doing what you want to do? People are waiting for THE BEST DAY in their life to start doing something.

Now, There are two basic kinds of actions. One is pro-action, which puts you on the offensive and all other things being equal, gives you a great deal of control over events.

The other is Reaction, which puts you on the defensive and relegates you to an inherent position of weakness.

The interesting point is that ‘inaction’  is also a negative form of action. Just like ‘taking action’ brings results, ‘inaction’ also brings consequences by default.

Inaction as a negative form of action that sucks energy away from you. A famous scientist Albert Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” WOW! So if you wait for something or someone, to act on you, you likely will be unable to control the consequences.

The point is that you can’t spend your life waiting for good things to happen. You have to create your own opportunities by making things happen.

Self-Discipline is about striving to be the  cause of events, not reacting to events.

The first step toward that end is to never expect anything of anyone. To sit around and wait for someone to solve your problems is one of the most obvious signs of weakness. Responsibility-B

One of the biggest mistake of many people’s life is they expect many people to help them out but unfortunately, NO ONE  has come to help. Remember this Golden Rule I try to live by: There’s only one way to make certain that your plans will be properly carried out.

Take matters into your own hands and don’t expect anything of anyone.

It’s especially important to take matters into your own hands when there’s a lot at stake.

I like to remind myself. I like to use a football metaphor: ‘When the ball is on the one yard line, never risk a fumble. Carry it over yourself.’

The important point you can get from this article is that you will never generate power if you rely on others. If you want to become independent, you have to be proactive.

Now, The Next Big Question you may ask, “But, how I get motivated to get things done? I have watched thousands of motivational videos over and over again. I listened to all those useless autosuggestions.

I have followed the most miserable failure called ‘THE SECRET’ but nothing seems to be moving. I have followed all those mind-power speech, gotten all excited, and rushed outside ready to conquer the world.”

Then, you go home and take a shower, and what happens? It all washes off in the shower! And that’s because it’s not real.

Now, You need to accept the fact that people have been getting the wrong answer for years because they’ve been asking the wrong question.

Now, I don’t mean to disrespect you but the question you ask “How do I get motivated to take action?” is the WRONG QUESTION. Now you will be glad to know that the reality is that you don’t have to be motivated to take action.Motivation-Level

On the contrary, one of the most important things I’ve learned over the years is that by exercising your inherent power of free will, you can force yourself to take action — and when you do, guess what? Motivation will follow.

The reason for this is that when you take action, it stimulates your brain and body cells, which in turn motivates you to want to take still more action.

This is why I think of action as the key to the brain’s ignition. Action is the starting point of all progress.

Next week, We will talk more about the traps which are holding us back from our growth. I hope you like it. Hit forward to help others. Others will appreciate your help. I guarantee!!!


Awaiting Feedback!

Eternal Smiles


Mayur Bardolia

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