Tips to Control Anger

One of the most beautiful person we ever like to see is most probably ourselves.

 We want to make sure we look nice and pretty or handsome.

 Millions are spent on how we can look even more beautiful. And Why not?

 But let me introduce you to one of the most ugliest person you have ever seen in your life.

Get Ready…

And that person is the person you look into mirror when you are ANGRY!!!

 Got it?!?! Please correct me if I am wrong.

AngryMirror Do you love to look ugly or disgusting?

 Of course not…so If you wish to be looking cool, handsome, pretty, attractive… you should not be angry.

 I hope you agree with that…


Next, you might wish to ask How to control ANGER?


‘Anger’ is just a feeling or emotion should be ventilated. The way we call fun, joy, happiness, sadness, frustration, bored etc. emotions, anger is just another emotion.

 Let’s find out what to do with ‘Anger’.

 1. “Does it Matter to me?”

First of all, many times we get angry on those things which are not important to us.

 Really? Yes. Notice…

 Whenever you are angry, ask yourself, “Does This really matter to me?”

 Now, You might ask, “But sometimes, if something is not going right or someone does something unethical or bad,  should we not raise our voice?” Of course YES, you should!!!

If someone in your environment, organization, group doing wrong and something inappropriate, it’s important to point out and stand up for right.

 If you are arguing, It doesn’t mean that you are a terrorist.

 It’s OK to speak up and be assertive. Give valid reasons and evidence to prove yourself right.

but ask yourself, “does it really matter to me?”


Accept what you cannot change & change what you cannot accept

The title says it all.

 Rather than blaming others and situation, better change what you don’t accept.

 Sometimes, situations are not in our favour. In that case, accept what you can not change.

 For example, rules and regulations set by authorities, government, other colleagues, your boss, culture, religious values, political values, others’ habits etc. It’s so much difficult or almost impossible to change their values, habits and beliefs.

 Not everything goes according to our wish all the time!!!

 Never get angry with one who has nothing to do with you.

Ever got angry on those people who don’t know you and you don’t know them?

As I said earlier, you should not get angry on those people who has got nothing to do with you.


Stay away from Stupid

Many times, we decide to argue with those people whose IQ, understanding, knowledge etc. is nowhere near to us. You better stay away from them because they are not going to understand.


Stop arguing with Liars and Egoists

influential_behaviorWe come across many people who loves to lie and are egoist for no reason and show you their power of their position, money and muscle.

Believe me, they are not going to change. The more you argue, the more they try to prove themselves right.

 They will never accept the truth. So, stop getting angry on them.


 “One counter-experience/example is good enough to break their mindset, ego and habit”

 Show results- Not your anger…..

 Accept it, people believe in your results.

 Some people will continuously work harder to make you angry and they will laugh out loud when you get angry.


You can shut their mouth and make them feel inferior, once you show them results.

We will talk about it sometimes later how to do it exactly.



Have  a Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine to beat anger.

Keep smiling and be happy for no reason. (you can be, if you want to!)

 Your smile will be accepted and appreciated by your nearest ones and your smile will minimize the happiness of your enemies.

 That’s it for now…..

Awaiting Feedback! Until Next time.


To Your Enlightened success.


Mayur Bardolia

Copyright © Mayur Bardolia 2013

All Rights Reserved

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5 thoughts on “Tips to Control Anger

  1. nikunj zalavadiya says:

    its so helpful for people to make their life easier ..thanks sir for providing articals

  2. Manju Rawat says:

    Anger is such an emotion which gathers the crowd of negative thoughts so quickly around it. The higher the level of anger will, the lesser the space for ideas/solution will get to enter in our brain. So, let’s design and fix up our own well-designed filtering machine at the entrance of our brains.
    thanks for such a nice article Mr. Bardolia.

  3. Raminder Singh says:

    Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!

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