How to stop giving importance to what people think?

How to stop giving importance to what people think?

When we try to do things differently, we secretly worry if people would like it or not.

We are programmed to seek approval from the people.

We like it when people like what we say, post or do.

One of my coaching clients was so much addicted to getting attention from the people.

He was jumping around like a monkey just to get noticed.

His hunger for getting liked was getting higher.

He would get really upset if someone doesn’t like what he said or did.

Such behaviour eventually made him even worse.

Social media has made our life more miserable.

People constantly chase approval.

My client wanted to impress everyone.

He was looking for people who praise him.

He was constantly thinking,

“What would X say if I do this?”

“What will Y think if I fail?”

“Will I disappoint Z if I become successful?”

It’s too weak behaviour.

It continues even if you determine to stop thinking about others.

Let me share with you how I helped my client to stop giving importance to what people think.

Once you learn how to do it, you will become fearless.

You are going know the secret that will allow you to cut the invisible strings holding you to the opinions of others.

Once you implement what you will know in this article, you will have more control over your life.

You will be happier.

Nobody tells you what I am going to share with you.

Instead, they tell you the opposite. 

To do this.

To do that. 

All designed to impress others. 

All designed to make others like you. 

All designed to seek praise. 

Everybody asks you to jump around all social media platforms and even offline.

“Oh, look at this, look at that.”

So the older you grow, the more attached you become to the opinions of those around you. 

“What would X say if I do this?”

“What will Y think if I fail?”

“Will I disappoint Z if I become successful?”    

These thoughts live in your brain – without your awareness.

No matter how much you try, it influences your every action, influencing your every move. 

Controlling you. 

And how much you achieve. 

How do you snap out of it?

How do you stop giving importance to what others think? 

I didn’t know. But then I found out. 

A few years ago. 

And it’s actually quite simple. 

The reason you give importance to what others think is :

When Robin says nice things about you, you feel good. 

When Robin person says bad things about you, you feel bad. 

If you give Robin permission to make you feel good, you’re also giving Robin permission to make you feel bad.

In other words, your emotional state is 100% contingent on Robin’s opinion.

This puts you at the mercy of Robin.

The key to not giving importance is to treat both positive comments and negative comments with indifference.

Show no difference to praise or negativity.

When you react to praise with no interest, you can react to negativity with no interest, too. 

The problem is… 

Most people are so hungry for praise, so hungry to be respected, so hungry to hear good things about themselves…

… that it keeps them forever tied to the opinions of others. 

If you let someone make you feel good, you’re also giving them permission to make you feel bad. 

The trick here is to treat praise with no interest or concern. 

This is how you STOP giving a damn about what others think…

This is how you take back control over your life…

This is how you start living for yourself.

I remember when I first started writing in 2009/10. 

I would post shit. Then sit back. And read the comments. 

Some made me feel good. 

Some made me feel bad. 

It was only when I trained my mind to treat the good with an indifference that I was free to not care about the bad and write how I wanted to write.

So quick exercise for you… 

The next time someone says nice things about you, thank them and mean it. But don’t let it make you feel good. Don’t ride the high. Just let it enter one ear, then let it go out the other. React with indifference. 

Do this long enough…

… and you’ll eventually start reacting to negativity with indifference too because you realize just how meaningless it is to live for others. 

And just how fun it is to live according to your own accord. 

Thanks for reading.

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Much respect to you,

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– Mayur Bardolia
Results Coach/ Author
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