What a rocket can teach you about not believing in overnight success?

What a rocket can teach you about not believing in overnight success?

A few years ago, I was delivering a training session to some students of Business Management at a college about business growth and success.

They were young and aspiring entrepreneurs who were about to start a business. They were so excited about their ideas and could not wait to make millions out of their business.

During the discussion, I asked them several questions about their system and process to run their business. I realized that they were enthusiastic but sadly they were not ready to put efforts in the beginning of their business.overnight-app-success

Believing in overnight success is a delusion. I shared them the importance of working hard in the beginning and taking painstaking actions.

Taking action and being productive is a necessary component of success but most people want overnight success. Is overnight success possible?

I shared a lesson of rockets and what they teach us about the path to success.

Success is never overnight. You must be willing to put in an enormous amount of efforts in the beginning of the process of success. Nobody can see a number of efforts successful people put into their life earlier.

Let’s talk about rockets. You have to be willing to fire off more and more rockets to increase the probability of them breaking the orbit and reaching the space.

successRockets have to burn 95% of their fuel to break the orbit of the earth. Then only it can travel in space effortlessly.

It’s not that easy path. To take-off from a launch pad, rocket also uses ‘booster rockets’ to help it to get initial momentum.

Imagine, how much fuel is burned and yet it hasn’t reached the orbit? Almost 95%…..!!!!

Still, rockets have to keep the momentum until they break the orbit. Once they break the orbit, it has already consumed 95% of their fuel.

The same rule is applied to success. You have to be willing to burn your energy initially. Momentum is an important factor in achieving success.

When you celebrate your small success, you don’t need not stop. You have to keep moving on and on. People quit because they don’t believe in the magic of momentum. If you are working on a project, you will face setbacks. Learn from your experience and get feedback. Experience is the best teacher.

You should not expect immediate results. It can never come. Nothing extraordinary has been achieved without extraordinary efforts.

The life story is not a fairytale, so, stop living in a dream world.

Are you still willing to burn your energy until you reach the point where your flight is effortless? Are you willing to put 95% of your energy in the beginning of a project?

You need to put tons of efforts to pass through the process of success. There will be a time when your first project fails and more projects get failed.

It’s good to learn what doesn’t work. People want to know what works. You will know what works only when You start working.

In order to find out what works, you have to know what doesn’t work and stop doing why-it-takes-time-to-be-an-overnight-successthem.

Look at body builders. Their strength is not built overnight. They have been working hard for hours, months and years to build up the muscles.

Look at highly successful business people, they have made their hands dirty in the early career. They failed at projects.

They were rejected by people. They were ridiculed.

Do you have the courage to continue until you achieve success? Don’t be afraid of hard work.

Be bold to take action.

Be bold to put in tons of energy.

Hard-work is the most important part of a process.

Here’s a task for you:

  • Take pledge to do what is required until it’s done. It must be only 2-3 things that really matter to you.
  • Get someone to hold you accountable until you complete your project.

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– Mayur Bardolia

Results Coach/ Author

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