How to pre-sell? Get people to buy before you officially sell- Webinar (HINDI)

How to pre-sell? Get people to buy before you officially sell- Webinar (HINDI)

What if you want to sell but nobody is ready to buy?
How long can you wait till you do the first sale? It’s frustrating when the customers are not interested even in looking at your product. What if the customers are ready to buy before you officially sell? Is it possible to make customers ready to buy way before you even launch?

Watch the video (47:09 min long) on How to pre-sell?-Get people to buy before you officially sell.

This is the recording of the webinar organised by Bhautik Sheth, the owner of a digital marketing agency called ‘iVIPANAN’. The webinar was in the Hindi language.

You will learn 3 things

  1. Why do almost all successful companies do pre-sell and how do they do it?
  2. What is pre-sell and how you too can exactly do it?
  3. How to sell without stress using pre-sell?

Plus lots of examples of the pre-sell

Click here to watch the video
(Note: The webinar is conducted in the Hindi language)

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