Everything you have ever been told about positive thinking and motivation is almost wrong

Everything you have ever been told about positive thinking and motivation is almost wrong

A decade or two ago, a book called ‘Power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, became popular. He is called as the original developer of the concept of positive thinking. Then the era of ‘Positive thinking’ started and almost all gurus, trainers and coaches started talking about it.

Norman Vincent Peale’s message was misinterpreted as a ‘cure-for-all’. He never asked people to just sitting in the corner and thinking uplifting thoughts don’t work. His meaning was different.
overnight-app-successAnother great book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill became the best-seller and people started following the title by thinking and expecting to be rich.
He actually meant something else.

Instead, they strongly insisted on working on creating stronger self-image, creating a compelling vision, setting a bigger goal, creating an action plan, designing strategies and take relentless actions.

You can achieve positive results with taking responsibility for your success and failure. You can create positive life by taking productive action by following the systematic plan.

The whole idea of positive thinking has been changed. Most people believe that thinking about good things will create good things.

On the contrary, if you look at the history of high performers, they have used negative emotions such as revenge and anger to motivate themselves to achieve their goals.

195ikd2sshym5jpgMany high performers chose a negative stance called ‘Discomfort’ to grow and succeed. They became successful after getting tired and frustrated of being unsuccessful. They were negative about their mediocre life and committed to living a fulfilling life.

It’s far better to expect negative situations to arise and to be prepared to handle them rather than to blissfully expect everything to come together because you have a positive mindset.

Positive thinking was never intended to completely and magically eliminate disappointments from people’s lives. It was originally designed simply as a tool to help people cope with negative occurrences more effectively and what to do in those negative situation.

In the final analysis, if you’re results oriented, it doesn’t matter whether you’re motivated by negative emotions or positive emotions, as long as you achieve the objective you’re after. In other words, go with whatever works for you.

nlp (1)“Getting motivated” in the traditional sense is an ineffective exercise if you don’t have the tools, the know-how and the opportunity to achieve your goal.

Being positive is not limited to thinking positive only. If your positive thoughts are not aligned with positive being and positive action, You can not create a positive result.

So, Here’s a task for you:

  • Watch your thoughts, watch your words and watch your action. Are they aligned? If not, do what you think and say.
  • Create a positive vision and goal.
  • Create a systematic step-by-step action plan and take relentless action to get positive results.

Contact me if you need assistance to do this.

I will be happy to talk to you.

So let’s do this

– Mayur Bardolia

Results Coach/ Author

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