Most people learned to be helpless. Did you too?

Most people learned to be helpless. Did you too?

Imagine you want to do something you have never done before. You think You should start because it’s important to do, so but you can’t begin.

But you don’t move forward because you believe that it’s not possible for you.

You accept the loss before you actually lose. You believe that you can never move ahead and do better things.

You are not alone. It happens with many people. We want others to help us and take us out of the mess.

We become helpless even if we all the resources to get what we want.  We are programmed to believe that we can not move forward.

But why is it so?

Why can some people do whatever they set their mind to and why most people can’t just think to move forward?

It’s so easy to break free from this invisible chain. 

Watch this video to know how

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