Why your passion doesn’t matter? So, what to do instead?

Why your passion doesn’t matter? So, what to do instead?

One of my coaching clients called ‘Ratna’ was struggling in her business.She loves what she is doing. It’s a great life, isn’t it?

She was working days and night without getting tired because she was PASSIONATE about her work. Yet, she was not moving ahead in her business.

The only problem was that She was in love with her passion so much that she did not want to correct her mindset and action.barriers-effective-interpersonal-communication-1-1-800x800

She was passionate but her passion was not sufficient for her to live a fulfilling life.

During the coaching session, I asked her, 

“Are you passionate about your business or are competent to deliver what you promised? People care if you can do what you said you would do. I don’t want your passion, Your customers want your results and your exceptional competency will produce exceptional results.”

She was stunned with my reply.

I have noticed that many people are so much passionate about what they do but they never thought of being passionately competent until they experienced coaching.

If you do the work you are passionate about, doesn’t help you, the passion is useless.
There is no point of keep walking forward if you are going in the wrong direction.
Watch this video and find out why your passion doesn’t really matter much? So, what to do instead?

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