What is motivating people to buy?

What is motivating people to buy?

Last week, I was invited for a small 30 minutes talk on increasing sales.

It was a small group of people.

Due to some time constraints, I was asked to minimize my time to only 15-20 minutes.

It’s easier to talk an hour or so than talking on a long topic in the shortest amount of time.

I had a short amount of time to cover the relatively bigger topic of improving marketing and sales.

It takes one and a half days to cover the topic. Check out here: www.mayurbardolia.com/private-marketing-workshop

Here are some of the things I shared with them.

Before writing a word of your marketing and sales presentation, you need to identify the motivations behind why someone might buy what you’re selling.

Those who attend the private workshop I conduct, they know marketing and selling is a scientific process one must learn to grow their business. Or else, people rely on guesswork and marketing agencies who don’t deliver the results.

There is no reason for selling something JUST because you want to sell.

Nobody will buy what you sell because you find it cool.

For example, “Are they just buying a car so they have a reliable mode of transport that can get them from A to B,”


… are they really buying STATUS and PRESTIGE?

There are many reasons for the motivation to buy.

Not necessarily from you.


People may buy a product because they think it will…

* bring them happiness

* make them more attractive

* make them more likeable

* make them feel important

* make them more money

* save them money

* save them time

* satisfy their curiosity

* make their life easier


People may buy a product because they think it will…

* make them smarter/more informed

* make them feel good about themselves

* make them feel less guilty

* make them feel more secure

* make them healthier


Ultimately, all of these different reasons can be boiled down to one core motivation:

People buy things because they think it will make them FEEL BETTER.

Think about it.

People always want something that improves their emotion.

Now, how do you make your clients feel better with your business?

Do exercise.


I teach people to communicate the business that makes people buy the product/service and make them feel better.

You can double your sales easily if you can communicate your marketing and sales message clearly. My clients have seen a dramatic increase in their revenue after doing this 2 days workshop. It’s an inhouse private workshop.

You too, can increase your sales after attending this workshop.

Go to this page=> https://mayurbardolia.com/private-marketing-workshop/

Or else, if you want to book a strategy session with me where I can help you to deal with your challenges to grow your business, you should Book your free strategy session here.

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