How can you have more money and fun?

How can you have more money and fun?

Recently, I came across a tweet from ‘Kobe‘.

I liked his tweet. He answers a question 

“Wanna Have more money and more fun?’

Learn how to talk to strangers.

Wanna have more money and more fun?


Powerful answer. It’s one of the most underrated skill.

We can get whatever we want if we ask the right person.

In my sales training, I always tell in the beginning, 

“Whatever you have so far and whatever you will have in your life, it will all come through other people.”


No matter how confident, talented or hardworking you are, You can not achieve your goal without the support from others.

You need to talk to more and more people to get what you want.

But why people don’t talk to strangers?

‘Do Not Talk To Strangers’.

We have been told by our parents and teachers in our early childhood.

That was relevant advice when we were kids to secure ourselves.

Not now anymore all the time.

Now we need to talk to strangers in the business or job.

You have probably seen many people who are exceptionally brilliant and have a great product/service to sell but they are hesitant to meet strangers. 


And guess what, they fail at generating profit.

Now, I don’t say that you need to talk to every single stranger. 

You should meet someone who you think can add value to your life and business. 
Being useful is one of the greatest traits. 
You need to value your and other’s time. 

You should boldly reject the people who are not adding value.

I know a movie called ‘Six Degrees of Separation’.

Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other.

So that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.


You can connect with anyone you want if you contact six right people. 

It’s a lot easier through social media platforms too.

Let’s find out how talking to strangers without fear can help.

  • It makes you fearless. 
  • It helps you to grow financially in your business. My coaching clients grow their businesses just because I ask them to contact people to sell their product and service.
  • When you talk to more and more strangers, you will learn a lot more than books. Everyone has a unique and somewhat inspiring story. It’s one of the best things I get when I talk to people.
  • Talking to strangers can help you to eliminate shyness and lack of confidence.
  • When you talk to strangers, it builds your social skills. Social skills are lacking in most people nowadays because of social media. It’s one of the most important skills a person can have.

So, find a stranger you think you should connect and ask for permission to talk with a set agenda.

For example, To sell your product/service, To learn or to interview them.

You need to meet more and more people to grow your business, to get the job you want, to close the deal, to negotiate, to connect with great people etc.

So start talking without fear.

If they say ‘NO’. No big deal. 

Move on to the next one.

This is the most important skill for all of us.
Because each one of us has to sell. We must be great at selling.
‘Selling’ runs our life. ‘Selling’ brings more money and fun.
If you want to have more money and fun, I can help you to ethically convince your customers so they will decisively buy from you. 
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Warmest Regards,

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