Why is scorekeeping necessary to achieve your target?

Why is scorekeeping necessary to achieve your target?

Ever wondered why people are excited when they are watching a game of sport? Why are people ready to pay, sometimes huge price, just to see the players playing their game?

11232853_1379921532315289_1616747006_nNot only the players, but the audience also enjoys the thrill of the game. Why is it so?

It’s because every single game of sport is a process of achievement. Someone is playing against another and they are chasing a score.

The same way, your process of achieving your target is equal to a game of sport.
Your target is your final score. In order to reach the final score, you need to keep scoring till the end.
Most people can’t measure the score and they keep playing without knowing if they need to change their strategies or not. Also, they can’t know if their efforts are going in the right direction or not.

Watch this video to know why do you need to keep the track of your progress.

You can never know how far you have reached if you don’t have the system in place to track your progress.

Find out what do you need to do to create that system.

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