What do I do to manipulate my brain?

What do I do to manipulate my brain?

I am not too sure if you know that I am an NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotist for the 10+ years.

I learned about Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, deep psychology, coaching and behaviour science.

I have practised by knowledge and worked on skill by helping people to deal with their problems.

Every single person I coach and train are making me more and more curious to find answers.

I met masters of psychology, mindset and habits.

I paid them to learn from them. I interviewed them.

One of the fascinating thing I learned from them that we can trick our brain.

We can manipulate our brain.

It sounds spooky, but it works.

My clients learn how to manipulate their brain and get enormous change instantly.

This is the magic of coaching. You can play however, you want to play with your brain.

You can change your mood and reaction instantly when you know how to make your brain work for you.

I found something fascinating.

Just “thinking” about a long journey to work is enough to make you feel physically tired. 

I know because I used to do it all the time. 

Years ago, when I was doing a job, my journey from my house to the workplace was about an hr. 

I would sit in home… 

… and just the “thought” of the commute was enough for me to start yawning. 

Can you relate? 

Maybe. Maybe not. 

But this doesn’t just apply to long journey… 

It’s applicable to almost any work that requires a longer time to finish.

How do you feel when you have something fun to look forward to? 

Maybe a vacation. 

A concert. 

Or a nice dinner with your loved ones or friends. 

If you’re like most, then just the thought of the upcoming outing is enough to make you feel good emotions. 

You know… 

I think the joy most people get from “thinking/looking forward” to something is more than the joy they experience actually doing it.

(Because the brain is THAT powerful.)

But that’s not the point here… 

The point here is both these examples give you insight into how the human brain works. 

In other words… 

Just thinking about something is enough to fill you with energy or deplete your energy (you don’t even have to experience it). 

With that understood… 

It’s extremely crucial for you to tune your mind into the right frequency. 

You can tune it into shit. And feel like shit.

Or tune it into something that makes you come alive.

And feel alive.

Choice is yours. 

But here’s how I have manipulated my brain to experience more energy and positivity day after day. 

Principle: Always think in terms of “what you are for” – not “what you are against” 

Most people have low energy because they spend all their brainpower thinking about what they are against

Long travel to work

Weight gain. 

Not having enough money. 






The list goes on. Just typing these words made me feel low energy as shit. Imagine being stuck in a perceptual state of just thinking about these things non-stop. Tough life.

If you’re constantly tuning your mind towards what you are against, you will always feel like shit. 

On the flip side… 

When you tune your mind towards what you are for, your brain injects you with more energy. 

Nice, relaxing day spent on the beach.

Working out. 

Making money. 

Overcoming obstacles with ease. 




Laughing hard.

List goes on. Just typing these words made me feel high energy. Imagine how faster your life would take off if you were stuck in a perceptual state of just thinking about these things.

Great life.

But how do you do it? 

I mean it’s easy to say things like this…

But how do you implement?

Here’s how… 

Create mini-mind movies. 

Let these serve as your anchor. 

Have a mini-mind movie for how you want your life to look. How you want to feel. What you want to experience. 

Make it relaxing. 


Full with joy. 

Then whenever you find yourself in a situation that is depleting your energy (surrounded by toxic people), play the movie inside your mind.

Whenever you find yourself tired and procrastinating, play the movie inside your mind. 

Whenever you find yourself in need of more energy, play the movie inside your mind. 

Not only does this manipulate your brain to be high energy all the time…

… but it also keeps you laser-focused…

On the mission. 

Try it.

If you need any help, book your free strategy session here.

Your friend, 

– Mayur Bardolia
Results Coach/ Author
Email: mayurbardolia@gmail.com
Skype ID: mayurbardolia
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