How To Turn Your Words Into Magic Stick?

How To Turn Your Words Into Magic Stick?

I want to hit you with a simple idea.

An idea that can turn your tongue into a magic stick.

 An idea that could help you bring to life the wildest of dreams.

An idea that will change the way you play the game of life.

Let me explain.

I believe words hold immense power. They have the ability to create and destroy. They can either move you to the top of the world. Or bring you to your knees.

I’ve been up. I’ve been down.

All thanks to the power of words.

Now, I am more aware of my words and it’s power. I am now aware of the power of making things real.

Problem is…

Most people disrespect the power of words. I admit that I have done i many years ago but I have stopped doing for years. 

They don’t choose them wisely. 

They throw them out without care. 

They don’t think before they speak.

 And above all…

 They don’t keep their word.

 I believe most people aren’t successful because they don’t know how to use the magic wand they were born with.

Magic stick = tongue aka your words.

More specifically:

I believe most people aren’t successful because they don’t use empowering words and then keep their word.

If you think about it, achieving success is nothing more than saying you’re going to do X, then making it happen.

Against all odds.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

So to awaken the magic stick that lies dormant at your tongue, I present to you a simple idea:

Start making and KEEPING small promises to yourself (speaking out loud).

“I’m going to wake up at 7 tomorrow morning.”

Then wake up at 7.

“I’m going to do 10 coldcalls for my business today.”

Then call 10 people and present your offer. emails.

“I’m going to do exercise at 7:30 am.”

Then do exercise at 7:30 am

Build self trust.

Strengthen your magic stick.

Do this for every LITTLE thing in your life.

Keep it up for a day.

A week.

A month.

Don’t stop.

Get in the habit of saying empowering things and then keeping your word (by following through).

Start with small things.

Do it long enough until everything you say has no choice, but to turn into reality. Not because it’s some wacky new age bullshit.

But because if you said it, then you must do it.

Once you get to this point and your word truly becomes your bond, then something funny happens.

You grow extremely full with life. And a tiny bit of fear.

Here’s why.

No longer do you underestimate the power of your magic wand.

No longer do you choose your words loosely.

Instead, you obsess over each word you utter.

Each promise you make to yourself.

Because you know if you say it, then you have to do it.

Once you reach this point, here’s the BIG secret…

Instead of just saying small things, start dreaming a little bigger.

And speaking larger things into existence.

“I’m going to make $x this month!”

“I’m going to sign x new clients!”

“I’m going to travel to x new countries!”

Whatever you want to make happen, start saying it.

If your word truly is your bond (and you’ve been keeping it consistently with minor slip ups), then guess what?

Whatever you say will have no choice but to turn into reality.

Because if you say it, then you must do it (once you get to this point whatever you say is already done *BEFORE* you even do it – that’s the level you get to once you get really good at keeping your word).

And that my friend is when you realize…

You’ve lived x years of life with a magic stick.

But only now did you realize its powers.

And when you realize that…

Everything changes (for the better).

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