How we lose life by losing time?

How we lose life by losing time?

You know every day we kick off our day with the intention to do what we wanted to do. We begin, continue and after 1-2 hours, we are on a whole different mission than we were supposed to be on. Surprisingly, the day gets over.

We finish our day without finishing important tasks.

Another day is over without fulfilment. Before we go to bed, We again hope to finish the unfinished tasks the next day.

The same cycle continues almost every day. We have no control over the day. We know we are losing control of our life. Now, what to do? The problem is that we undermine the minutes of our day and thus we undermine our life.

Watch this video to know how we are losing the precious life by losing precious minutes. Also, When we lose time, how it leads to regret of loss? Find out what to do instead?

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