What to do when you lose everything in business and job?

What to do when you lose everything in business and job?

In the past 3 months, I interviewed some of the most successful but not so famous people from all around the world.

They are not so famous among normal people.

They stay below the surface. You won’t see them in the newspaper, charity event, special guest speech, TV or radio.

I found two things common in them.

1. They faced the rock bottom in their business. They faced severe economic downfall. They lost almost everything in business and life.

2. They overcame the darkest time and now they are flourishing. They have made themselves from the bottom to the peak.

Let me share one of the many lessons I learned from them.

I learned was how they got out and generated a BIG win.

They had one big weapon with them.

What was that?

They share that one tool that will only help you to survive but you will thrive too.
If you have that tool, You will not be disturbed by any financial disturbance. 

An extremely lucrative skill that’s in demand (in good times and bad)

No matter how are you as a business person, you will face economic disasters, a shift in market and accidents.
It’s not a safe game.

The best advice those successful business people gave me was to be REALLY GOOD at 1 or 2 skills you can rely upon.

It’s a must.

What valuable skills do you have that you can SELL if/when things go wrong? 
Add more and more skills in your toolbox.
People can strip your money and materials but can’t take away the skills and mastery from you.
Skills pay the bills.
The heavier your toolbox of skills, the less you have to worry.

The lighter your toolbox of skills, the more your heart will beat with the flood of fear and uncertainty.
The problem is that skills cannot be acquired by reading a book.

How to acquire more skills?

Spend one hour a day learning a valuable skill. 

Pick one. 

Do it daily.

60 minutes. 

Do this for 6 months.

And the weight of your toolbox will increase.

Then pick a new skill.

And repeat.

Every day: Spend 1 Hour on Skill-Building

This one habit alone will make you unstoppable.

Regardless of what happens out there. 

What skills should you learn?

I’m a little biased. But I say marketing and selling.

Here’s why.

Marketing and selling are so much more than writing words. 

It’s a mental switch. 

It teaches you how to think. How to put together offers. How to persuade. And see things from another’s point of view. 

It teaches you how to sell, market, and convert strangers into customers. 

In my opinion, this is the most valuable skill of all. And if you want to learn it, then you’re in luck!

Inside Marketing & Selling Course, I teach you what no other course or book ever can…
I have generated a PERSONAL step by step process to your marketing and sales message from scratch.
If you can master this skill, there is no limit of money you can make. 
If you are serious about learning this skill, you’d be crazy to not learn this process because all other courses and books give you principles and tips without teaching you the exact process to generate the sales message on your own.

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