Is It Time to Quit Your Job and Follow Your Passion?

I met one of my past students yesterday. Let’s call him Deepak (Name changed). Deepak is young, dynamic, ambitious, hard-working, willingness to learn, loves to meet and talk to new people, highly passionate to bring results. He has got all the qualities what an every Youngster got. So what’s wrong?

 He met me and told me “Mayur, I am not happy with my job. I am giving my 150% but my boss is just stupid and he is expecting me to do his job and giving me peanuts in return.” This is not a new story.

 When will you start?His boss is simply not valuing his efforts, time, energy and dedication. My suggestion to keep him continuing his job ONLY IF his employer deserves Deepak’s value.

I get numerous questions similar to this one. You are probably not satisfied with your job. You want to be successful and you feel that this can only happen if you draw up a resignation letter, quit your job and follow your passion.

Many people in this situation fear to venture out for the simple fear of how things will work out after they quit their jobs. (If you want to know ‘what is your passion’,  you can find out by CLICKING HERE)

 Quitting your job to follow your passion can have a lot of advantages especially if you put fear of the unknown aside.

 It is not easy quitting a job, but it could be well worth it.

 The following are strong reasons why you should quit your current job and follow your passion.

1.   You will be 100% satisfied with your work

When You are doing job, you are not chasing your goals, you are chasing someone else’s goal as long as you stay there. When you are chasing yostrategyur own goals, you will be satisfied for doing what you love.

Now, satisfaction is not measured in terms of money. There are lot of people who earn really

good amount of money but they may not be happy and satisfied with their own life.

 If you want to achieve your own goal and live your passion, you must take action and being an entrepreneur you know that the right amount of focused actions will take you to your destination. If you want to be successful, you must take immediate action with the sole intention of fulfilling your passion.


2.   It’s adventurous

When you become entrepreneur, you face many challenges and many new responsibilities you didn’t take before. You are also going to meet 100s of different types of personalities you never met before or you never had chance to meet before.

 Many people will welcome you and few will laugh at you. Indirectly those people will teach you where to be careful and who you should not do business with.

 You are going to make mistakes but those are valuable lessons to learn. (Find out what we can learn from Failure by CLICKING HERE)


3.   You are in-charge of your world

Your valuable assets are your time, energy and efforts. Believe me these three things are so much valuable you can’t compare with anything else.plan

 When you are employed, most of your time and energy goes into building the fortunes of someone else. What you get in return is only a salary.

 You can not live your own life when you dedicate your best time, energy and efforts to build someone else’s dream.

 You will get where you put your efforts in. The actions and decisions you take today will ultimately shape your destiny.

 As you are free to take any action, you will do your best without restriction and without limit. Isn’t it Freedom?

You can utilize your time as you wish. You can work as long as you want and as shorter as you want. You can work from home and you can work from anywhere. You have the freedom to maintain work-life balance.


4. You Will Be Stronger and Confident

You may not become stronger, charismatic and confident in your current job. When you become entrepreneur, there is no one to demotivate you and there is no boss to put you down and criticize without your fault.

 You will be free to use your potential. By quitting your job and pursuing your passion you are able to break the monotony of your current job and create your own reality. Taking control of your own life becomes immensely empowering.


5.   You will be in much safer position

Now, you may disagree with this. It’s been said that Job = security. In fact, it’s completely opposite to it.

 I have noticed that when people get a job, they believe they will work without obstacles until they retire. Remember- There is no job securtiy. Look at the disastrous examples of giant companies.

competitive edge When you are doing job, you depend on the economy of market and economy of employer. Now, what is more insecure? Job or business?

When you do what you want to do, you take responsibility of every action you take and that’s how you are in-charge of your own life. And ultimately, you (ONLY YOU) are the one who can bring peace and security to your life.


You learn from every person and experience. Learn from success and failures.


Lastly, One of the famous presupposition of NLP is “If what you are doing isn’t working, Try something else.”


That’s it for now…..

Awaiting Feedback! Until Next time.


To Your Enlightened success.

Mayur Bardolia

Copyright © Mayur Bardolia 2013

All Rights Reserved

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