Inspiration or Perspiration? – What Comes First?

Everyone is hungry for inspiration. People stay where they are because they are waiting for some signal from the universe that inspires them. People jump from one book to another just TO GET INSPIRATION.

One of my Personal Life Coaching clients asked me, “How can I get more inspiration?”.

f80496947d8c382645a52a05520a9ab4I said, “It’s not available in any shop.” and he looked puzzled. His question “How can I get more inspiration?”. It also presupposes that he is already inspired.

 There is the wrong concept of ‘Inspiration’.

How can Perspiration win over Inspiration?

A very famous Life Coach, named Jamie Smart explains it very well.

And it goes something like this: “I’ll start taking action once I’m inspired. Then I’ll have a crystal clear vision of what I want to create, and I’ll know exactly how I’m going to do it. My feeling of inspiration will give me the motivation I need to put in the effort.” This can be summarised as follows:

The Inspiration Theory: Get inspired —> Taking action —> Getting results

It’s not the rule to get results, however sometimes it’s an exception.

Do you want to know what gets results?

A much more common and reliable pattern of creation or results is this: “I’m not feeling inspired, but I’ll start taking action anyway. At some point, inspiration strikes, or it doesn’t. Either way, I keep taking action.” This can be summarised as follows:

The Perspiration Reality: Taking action—> Getting inspired —> Get results

Many people ask me that how can I write my weekly article called ‘Idea Of the Week’.

I started writing few years back and decided that I want to share my knowledge and ideas with my friends (including you). I initially waited for inspiration to come to write. But it did not work.

I was actually afraid to write the article. Unconsciously, I was afraid of being criticized and laughed at. I kept myself away from my computer to write just because I was waiting fopassion_rules1-300x225r the inspiration to come.

Then suddenly I started taking actions. I started writing. My continuous actions were multiplying my inspiration.

In other words, my perspiration was pulling inspiration faster than before when I tried to pull perspiration with inspiration. I also admit that sometimes I took a break for sometimes due to some other commitments and involvement in other interesting projects and came back with new ideas.

In each case, these articles have been the result of the ‘perspiration’ approach.

When I first started writing ‘Idea Of the Week’, I had only 20 people on my list, now I have got more than 5,000 people on my list. (Sign Up on to receive for free straight to your mailbox)

So far, I wrote nearly 90+ articles on my website and few other in others’ website, newspapers and magazines. You may find the wealth of Ideas, Knowledge & Wisdom from HERE)

I started making my videos too afterwards. My efforts are my inspiration.

In my experience, it Inspiration almost always arrives when you’re already taking action.

REMEMBER: Your Efforts (perspiration) will Inspire you.Investments

Perspiration Attracts Inspiration.

People who wait for inspiration are holding themselves back and generally dependant  on external sources to lift them up rather than moving forward by taking action.

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One thought on “Inspiration or Perspiration? – What Comes First?

  1. Madhav Jadav says:

    An inspiration come for the perspiration….
    In short don’t think only but implement on it…

    I personally belive that People always see a negative point first before implementation.. I am also in this category….

    The famous quote is that “Action is a bridge between dreams and reality.”

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