Inside or outside of your attention area?

Inside or outside of your attention area?

We love to observe everything happening around us.

Out of curiousity, we look at so many other things happening around.

Is it curiousity? I should say ‘YES’.curiosity, nlp, attention

But where are you looking at, is the most important factor.

Should we limit our observation or should be alert and ready to observe everything happening around us.

Recently, I met an industrialist as a part of my project on how to be peak performer in an organisation.

He has started his career from the scratch and moved up to the top where he enjoys great leadership position.

When we reached to his office, I could see a big and beautiful construction work going on in front of his building.

I asked him, “What’s going on here? Is it a mall, corporate house or a residence?”

He replied, “No Idea! It’s out of my attention area!”

I was surprised with the answer.

After noticing my surprise, he explained to me

“Mayur, I pay attention to those things that matters to me. People spend so much of their time and energy behind those things which are irrelevant to them. People should be vigilant to see what’s going on around and that focus should be on those things that affect their life, career or business only. Life is limited to pay attention to some useless thing (for us).”

I asked, “How can you decide if it’s worth paying attention to or not?”

He calmly answered,

focus your attention, goal

“Most of the things we do are either useless or not your priority. Find out whether it’s useful or worth doing now.”

“But how do I know that?”, I questioned again,

His reply was wonderful!

He said,

“Before you think of something, you should ask yourself, ‘Is it worth thinking about?”

“Before you start working on a task, find out ‘ ask yourself ‘If I do this task, will it take me closer to my goal?”

“Consciously find the answer of ‘What would happen if I do this or what would happen if I don’t do this?”


I was like, “WOW!!!”

He delivered the message in our meeting for 20-30 minutes.

so following are the lessons I learned from this wonderful meeting,

Do something that takes you closer to your goal.

Many times we think about useless things/people. Find out if they are actually worth taking care of.

Stop gossiping

Do what matters to you.

Do things that’s worth having a look at.

In a movie ospotlight, focus, mayurr drama, spotlight goes on only those parts which are important part of play.

The same way, we should focus our lights on those things which are important part of movie of our life.


I welcome your thoughts on this message.

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Think of your friends who may find this article extremely helpful and share it with them. Hit Share button below.

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