Core Principles Of Human Nature

Core Principles Of Human Nature

I keep noting down various things in my diary.

One of then is my observations about human nature.

Once you know how people think and behave, it becomes easier for you to deal with your target market.

It helps to design not just any product, but the winning product.

The greatest companies and marketers know these principles of human nature that pull in a profit.

I share these observations to my clients and once they apply, they grow faster.

If you apply these principles in your marketing and business, you will change your game.

I want to share 25+ principles with you too……

  1. People are very insecure. They do anything to save themselves.

  2. People are self-centred. They do what they think it’s right for them.

  3. Pain is more powerful than pleasure. People will spend more on avoiding the problem than being happy.

  4. Fear of loss is more powerful than the pleasure of gain. People don’t release easily what they have.

  5. People buy on emotion, not logic. They buy what they feel is right, not with the reasons you present.

  6. FREE is more enticing than any discount. Try that.

  7. People care about what your product will do for them, not your product. Read that again.

  8. People trust people that talk like them. We like who are like us.

  9. People buy from people they trust. They hate to be cheated.

  10. People have short attention spans. They don’t remember for a long time.

  11. People don’t like learning, they like being entertained.

  12. People that are entertaining get attention.

  13. People that get attention make more money. Learn this skill.

  14. Women buy a lot of things than men.

  15. Rich guys buy things to impress people. Sense of insecurity it too high among them.

  16. Generating feelings (positive or negative) in others is the easiest way to sell.

  17. People don’t usually buy on first contact –> persistence. They take time to decide.

  18. The only thing going through someone’s mind when they read your offer is “What’s in it for me?”. Read point number 2.

  19. Curiosity gets attention. Read number14.

  20. The offbeat and weird make people curious.

  21. Contrasting ideas make people curious. That’s why some people love to be in controversy.

  22. People don’t like being told they’re wrong. Read no. 2 again.

  23. People like people who affirm their beliefs.

  24. People buy products that affirm their beliefs.

  25. Pain points are profitable (agitate them). A person cares more about his toothache rather than an earthquake that kills 200 people on the other side of the world.

  26. Email is the best way to sell to people online. Very few know how to do this.

  27. People don’t buy products, they buy solutions to their problems.

  28. Getting a small yes greatly increases your chances of getting a big yes.

  29. People LOVE stories. It’s very powerful and engaging.


Save it.

Paste it on a board.

Keep it in front of you. It will change the way you talk to people around you.

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