How to sell more?: The 3 Minute Guide

How to sell more?: The 3 Minute Guide

You want people to buy what you sell.

You keep talking and typing but nobody replies.

Most people get confused about what triggers people to buy.

Triggers = Strong reasons for people to buy.

People get motivated to take action only when there is a strong trigger.

If you want to make more money by selling more things, read below.


How to sell more?: The 3 Minute Guide

People buy things for many reasons.

If you want people to buy more of your stuff, you need to know the reason they want to buy most.

Most problems arise when the person selling is pushing their personal reasons on to the customer without knowing it.

Look at the strong reasons why people buy.

These are fluffy reasons.

These are scientific (psychological, evolutionary, emotional, biological, social) reasons.

Look at this LIST OF BUYING TRIGGERS below:

To be Unique
To be Happy
Fun / entertainment
To be Healthy
Out of fear
To escape reality
To get rid of Boredom
Addiction (Are addicted to something)
Out of greed
Guilt (reciprocity)
Basic needs (food, shelter)
To be/look cool
To be liked
To be appreciated
To be right
To feel important
Make money
Save money
Save time
Make something easier (convenience)
Be attractive
Be Comfortable

If you are selling someone in person, it’s a piece of cake to find out which primary trigger they are buying.

Just ask some good questions.

Unfortunately in writing, you are talking to many at one time and you must guess.

It’s a limitation when you market using written words.

And since everyone won’t have the same buying trigger, you must know in advance, which trigger the majority (or portion you choose) of your market is buying.

This is why I always recommend trying to sell your product to real people in real life first.

You’ll know real quick why they are actually buying.

Most people waste their money on digital or print marketing without selling to real people.

And I never let this happen to my clients.

That’s why they make huge money without wasting money on advertising and marketing that never work as it’s promised.

Here’s the main lesson in all this – “Don’t confuse your primary triggers with your market’s primary triggers.”

For example, if you are selling a piece of clothing and the reasons they are buying are:
– to feel attractive (primary)
– to be Unique
– to be liked

But YOU would buy the same piece of clothing to:
– feel comfort (primary)
– feel intelligent
– meet basic needs

Then the conversation you have and the words you say could get real awkward.

Imagine two people selling each other on these clashing values… it won’t work.

Yet this is what we do – we either get their primary buying trigger completely wrong, or we just ignore it and push our own reasons on them.

So you always want to know what their primary trigger is, and a couple more.

When you create your ad or sales presentation, you must always be talking to the prime trigger.

This keeps you true North and from straying off point.

Knowing their prime trigger allows you to blanket a theme across the entire advertisement.

Knowing their prime trigger is your compass to keep the sale sailing in the right direction.

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