How holding yourself back will stop you to create the history?

How holding yourself back will stop you to create the history?

A year ago, I have been working on the project where I and other 3 coaches helped a group of 12 entrepreneurs to create groundbreaking results in just 3 months. 

The results were fascinating and most of them quadrupled their results.

This is how committed players play.

They demonstrated the power of ruthless commitment.

By the way, one of them was holding himself back for some reasons. Somehow, he wasn’t taking bold actions.

He was only one step away from a million dollar deal but he sabotaged the complete process because he decided to wait for no reason.

He was about to win the deal. That was a huge loss.

This happens with most of the people. They hold themselves back for almost no valid reason.


Let me share with you a real incident in this video.


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