How a small change in your questions can generate the big results?

How a small change in your questions can generate the big results?  

I have and probably you have experienced that when you are stuck in any problem, you require some ideas. The irony is that the ideas come mostly when we are busy with other plans such as driving, watching TV, going for a walk, in a bath, listening to a song etc.

Unfortunately, we don’t have pen and paper near to us. So, if we are lucky, we remember the ideas after sometimes. But generally we are not that lucky. The ideas come and go in a flash and it’s too late until we realize we lost the idea.

Great ideas come when you least expect them.

This is because your mind is constantly seeking answers to questions you have posed at one time or another.

Which is why it’s SO important that you ask the best possible questions.

Now, listen to find out how you too can generate big results with small change in your questions.

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