Why You’re Stuck (And How To Get Unstuck)?

Why You’re Stuck (And How To Get Unstuck)?

“This is your time. Come on, show people who you are!”

“Take control of your life!”

“Fight for the life you want!”

You hear all those things you hear on the daily.

No matter how many quotes you read….

No matter who many motivational webinars you attend….

Things just don’t change.

The more you listen to these quotes, the more frustrated you become.

These things are secretly keeping you stuck.

I’ll explain my thought process how does it happen and how to get over it.

But first a quick intercept…
I’ve been watching a lot of videos on spirituality on YouTube lately.

And one of the central themes to each video is the concept of:


I noticed that people who are trying to get out of the struggle, they relive the same experience on repeat. People are somehow addicted to challenges and struggle.

A challenge or struggle is part of success.

Without it, it’s not possible to achieve anything worthwhile.

But sticking to the struggle is frustrating.

Accepting the challenges is a crucial step to move forward.

If you have too much of challenges, you feel trapped.

Minute after minute for what seems like an eternity.

It happens with everyone

Because they’re in control…

Because they’re fighting…

Because they’re resisting…

If you take challenges and you start having a bad trip, then you have one of two options (from my research):

1. Fight the bad experience. Wish you had never taken the challenges, wish you could go back to feeling normal.
Also, You wish you could just think and fight your way out of your bad experience.

2. Let go. Understand you made a choice. There is no going back now. The bad experience before you is just that, an experience. Let go of your need to control. Lose your resistance. And become one with the experience.
If you take challenges, have a bad experience and try fighting it, then guess what happens?

The bad trip gets worse.

You start getting paranoid.

You start going crazier and crazier.

Trapped inside a vicious and unforgiving hell.

I’ve personally never experienced this, but from the videos I’ve watched that’s pretty much the gist.

On the contrary:

If you have a bad experience after facing challenges, but simply let go of your desire for control and just become one with the experience, then the experience washes through your body and leaves.


Only when you fight it, do you keep yourself locked in that mental state and reliving the same negative experience, minute after minute.

This is why shamans, healers or whatever you call them always tell you the most important thing to do is to LET GO.

To surrender.

To just go with it.

To lose your desire for control.

At first, when I heard this, I thought “hmm makes sense.”

But I didn’t see the applicability of it to something.

The more I thought about this simple concept, however, the more I realized just how true it is for everything.

Personally speaking…

Whenever I’ve been dealt a bad hand in business, the more I tried fighting that hand, the more I tried resisting that hand, the more I suffered.

The more stuck I felt. The worse my life got.

On the contrary:

When I simply accepted my bad hand and let go, the better my life became.

(To resist is to stop life, to stop the flow. To let go is to continue life, to increase the flow).

It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s not.

To fight the negative experience is to stay trapped inside the negative experience. You become what you resist.

So if you’re currently feeling stuck…

If you’re currently living a shitty reality…

If you’re currently going through a bad life “trip”…

Then know this:

You have 2 choices.

1. Continue to fight it.

2. Let go and surrender.

The choice is yours!

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