How To Get Your Life Back On Track?

How To Get Your Life Back On Track? – Managing Schedule Efficiently

People get lost into a bunch of bullshit tasks in business.

Useless tasks.

Illogical meetings.

Pointless calls….

“Is this how you want to run your business and spend your time?”

The thought stuck out amongst all the others…

What’s the answer, “Hell, NO!”

So what to do?

Interestingly, when you make progress, more possibilities you face but as a byproduct, you get tons of rubbish.

Everyone and their momma-pappa demand your time from all direction.

Additionally, your clients expect and demand more from you.

How to manage everything?

The obvious answer is “Saying ‘No’ to 90% of things!”

But it doesn’t work in real life.

But there was an ever deeper layer at play…

The next question tapped into the deeper layer.

“What do I actually want to spend my time doing?”

“And the action that followed after?”

Ripping a page out the notebook and scribbling down what I wanted to fill my life with.

What does the perfect life look like?

I wrote. And wrote. And wrote.

Then wrote some more.

How can I start living this now?

I don’t know why I didn’t ask myself this sooner because once I did, the answer was clear as day.

Break the perfect life down into the perfect week.

And schedule it.

Break the day into chunks.

Monday through Sunday.

And plot what you want to be doing in the time slots.

Then start living it.

Today. Tomorrow. Next week. The week after.


This way you no longer have to think about it.

There is no question about “Am I using my time wisely?”

There is no question about “Fuck, what should I be doing?”

There is no question about “Am I living life or just existing and going through the motions?”

Instead, it’s easy.

Wake up and follow the pre-planned day which is already geared towards excellence.

Doing this, you become a lot more protective over your time and calendar.

And actually spend your time doing what truly counts –
1) Chasing grandiose dreams
2) High ROI projects
3) Family & friends
4) Health
5) Good times

But what about all the useless things?

All those things that you don’t really like doing, but have to do in order to keep your biz on straight?

I scheduled 30-60 minutes into each day which I labelled “Misc”.

This is when I handle the bullshit.

Any bullshit that comes up through the day (which it always does), I just file away for this time.

The rest of the day?

Devoted to what truly counts:

Living the perfect life.

I suggest you optimize for it.

Your friend, 

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