The full-proof formula for generating revenue consistently

The full-proof formula for generating revenue consistently

How I helped a client to design the system to generate revenue consistently?

It’s similar to solving an equation.

______ + ______ + ______ = XYZ

Just like we did at our school.

I design the same equation.

Teach people how to use the equation, and solve the problem.

They learn to crack the code using the equation.

So what’s the code? 

It doesn’t matter what business you analyze.

Whether it’s offline or online. 

This simple formula is powerful.


Because it will help you to design the system to generate more revenue……consistently.

But hey, what’s the code.

You take any business.

Analyze that business.

It can be an online business or an offline business.

The formula for making money is the same.
______ + ______ + ______ = MONEY

The formula is

“Great Product/Service + Access To The Right Distribution (audience) + Sales Skills = MONEY

In other words:

  • You need a great product/service (Solution to a problem)
  • You need a list of people to sell to……(Clients who want the solution)
  • You need to be able to convince people to buy what you sell (Marketing fundamentals and selling kill)

If you’re not making $$$s, you either have

– A product problem (a mediocre product/service)

– A distribution problem (means no idea about whom to sell)

– A marketing and sales problem (can’t market well and relying on hope).

“I know this already!” you say.

And maybe you do.

But what have you done to solve this problem?


Entrepreneurship is nothing more than solving problems for profit?

You can watch the free video case-study I have created for you to understand more.

Have you started building list of people you can propose your offer or a list of your prospects (whether through paid traffic or organic method)?

Have you started building your marketing and sales skills (whether in-person sales or online sales)?

Have you started building your offer skills?

If yes, then you’re heading down the right road…….Keep up the good work!).

If not, why not?

Find out, what’s stopping you.

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