‘Follow Your Dreams!’- Why is it a bad advice?

‘Follow Your Dreams!’- Why and when is it bad advice?

Someone forwarded me a few motivational videos on WhatsApp about following your dreams.

I don’t watch such motivational videos often. I rely on internal motivation.

How do I get motivated? I will share it sometimes.

Now, I watched those motivational videos I was forwarded on WhatsApp.

Something stuck with me and made me think over and over again.

There was a motivational speaker who kept saying, “Follow Your Dreams. Chase Your Dreams.”

I wasn’t quite convinced about it. But to NOT get convinced completely, I have to find out what works if “Follow Your Dreams” doesn’t work.

I discussed with some of my friends and mentors.

People enjoy watching Dreams

I opened my previous journals where I have written something about it.

And I was quite convinced that giving someone advice about “Follow Your Dreams” is bad advice. Although it’s good advice at some level something has to be done to live the life of your dream.

I also found out what should we do and follow.

Let’s find out, shall we?

We need to understand what is ‘DREAM’.

DREAM is intangible. It’s mostly not scalable.

It shows you the end result.

Most dreams are not realistic.

It’s only a dream. 

Now, to make anything happen, there are tons of tedious tasks involved.

The most horrible thing people do is that they ignore what needs to be done to achieve their dreams.

Those tedious and mundane tasks are too uncomfortable to do.

They are challenging tasks but they MUST BE done to get what you want.

Such as,

Hiring the right team
Creating offers
Convincing others to understand our product or service
Facing hundreds of rejection
Frustration and failure along the way
Getting customers to buy from us rather than competitors
Sell more and make more profit

The list goes on if you understand what I am trying to say.

Now, most people don’t want to do this and they fail to achieve their dreams.

Those who do these mundane activities, they actually achieve their dreams.

So, those who believe in ‘Following Dreams’, they are mostly lazy. (Sorry, No offence)

They also make bad decisions because they avoid doing things that are necessary to do. They end up doing things that make them feel comfortable.

So, Good advice: Learn how to Sell and market.

This is the only big skill people should learn to generate funds for your dreams.

Once you generate funds, you can hire a better team, plan better without too much constraint.

With more money, you can create an efficient system.

Ultimately, You need to be able to communicate clearly to connect with others.

You will get what and how you communicate. Selling is THE MOST important skill everyone must learn.

If you want to achieve your dreams, I can help you to ethically convince your customers so they will decisively buy from you. 

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