What To Do When You Face Tough Competition?

What To Do When You Face Tough Competition?

I know one of my coaching clients, who was always afraid of competition. He had a shop in a market. He just started his business.

He didn’t have much flow of customers.

He was looking at others’ shops and observing their customers. Jealousy, hate and stress were mounting up.

He used to cry inside. He wished every one of others’ customers should come to his shop.

Sometimes, people don’t even join the business or job.

They think, “I really want to get into XYZ industry but there are already so many people there – what makes me special enough to go there and compete? and I don’t want to be like everyone else.”

If you have the same thoughts, you’re not alone – almost all of us think this way…

Here’s what I think about that disempowering statement related to tough competition.

Let me share with you a story. Watch this video.

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