Easiest Ways to Diffuse Anger

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die,”-  Buddha

How easy is it for others to make us angry?

Do you get angry at someone you don’t know and your anger drives you crazy for hours and probably for days?

It probably makes you think about that person over and over again.

4e3cfe57e2ee3b8d1bdbd4091569c7f2Your anger about the person and his/her behaviour wastes your energy and time.

Respect your energy and time.

Let’s find out how to deal with this problem.

Following are some of the statements/questions you say to yourself when you are angry or when someone makes you angry.
You will find some tips on how to deal with these issues

“Oh, I can not get him out of my mind. Their picture is always coming in mind and the voice is still annoying me.”

Oh really?? Is that person really important to You?

Believe it or not, most of the time we get angry at those people who have got nothing to do with us.

I mean “Why should we take that person so seriously? Haven’t you got other matters important to you more than that person/issue?”

Yes, think about it. You have got so many of your own issues to handle.panic image

“Oh, that person will cause me some damage but I am also ready to give the answer by doing more damage to him/her.”

or probably you would say, “See he/she is going to ruin my life and career. That makes me angry!”

Ask yourself, “Is that person so great who can design YOUR destiny?

Come one,  It’s in YOUR hand to create your own destiny. There are not only one but hundreds of others who can help you to design your destiny and add value to your life. Find those people and value them.

“Oh, but don’t you believe he/she is doing wrong?”

So what? Let them learn from their experiences. When you try to control them, they will do even more harm to you by doing same acts and behavior to prove him/herself right.????????????????????????????????????????“He/she makes me angry?”

I would like to ask you one of the coolest questions of Meta Model of NLP called, “How specifically?”,

“How does what they are doing cause you to choose to feel angry?”

“It always happens. It’s going to happen again in the future”

Well, “Always?” “How can you be so sure about predicting the future?”

“I will show them!”

You just need to focus on showing positive and productive results to yourself and to your nearest ones only. You are not bound to prove yourself to everyone else. You can never please anyone with your words. If you want to prove or show, do it with your results.

I hope you have already found this helpful, haven’t you?

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It’s good to share valuable stuff with others.

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