Don’t wait to be Inspired. So, what to do instead?

Don’t wait to be Inspired. So, what to do instead?

Every day, we decide to do something. We start the day and after some time, we stop.

We just don’t get that kick of inspiration to carry on.

We wait to get inspired.

Inspiration is something really magical.

Everyone is hungry for inspiration. People stay where they are because they are waiting for some signal from the universe that inspires them.

People jump from one book to another just TO GET INSPIRATION.

A lot of time, people ask me,

“How can we get more inspiration?”

I say, “It’s not available in any shop.” and they looked puzzled.

The question is “How can I get more inspiration?”.

It also presupposes that he is already inspired.

There is the wrong concept of ‘Inspiration’.

Surprisingly, perspiration wins over inspiration.

Let’s talk in more detail… 

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