What makes you productive even if you are not motivated?

What makes you productive even if you are not motivated?

It happens many times when you just stare at the computer and wonder what to do.

You are sitting and dreaming of doing things but feel lousy to get started.

Werc6hu31m9juqrywlwwvo design our schedule and we can never follow.

On the other hand, there are some people around you who just do everything fast like a robot.

And you can keep thinking, “How can they do more things while I am just stuck at planning and dreaming?”

Read ahead to know how people make themselves accountable unknowingly.

You also know what makes them more productive, it doesn’t matter if they are motivated to do or not.

Find out how systematically people just keep working without external motivation.

First of all, We NEED to hold ourselves measurably accountable and we NEED a way of accurately doing it!

In order to do that, we NEED a system in place for not only getting things done. But also a system that will give us the checks and balances we need to keep it running on autopilot.

“But how do we do that? I Need Some Motivation, Right?!”


When I first saw the following quote from a copywriter named ‘Colin Theriot’, it hit me like a ton of bricks!

I would like to share EXACTLY what he said. (direct quote with no modifications)

A copywriter named Colin Theriot wrote:

Motivation is dumb.

Motivation will fail you.

Some days it’s weak. Some days it doesn’t show up at all. Motivations that worked last week are boring and uninspiring this week. It’s a Sisyphean hamster wheel to continually chase down sufficient motivation to get shit done.

You know what works instead?


8c9549551-131031-lazy-afternoon-hmed-1152a-nbcnews-ux-2880-1000Discipline doesn’t care if you’re sufficiently motivated. Discipline just shows up and does it. Discipline doesn’t require you to be warmed up or inspired or focused or in the zone. It doesn’t care.

Feeling bored, sad, tired? – discipline says to do it anyway.

If you have discipline, you don’t need motivation. And it’s remarkably freeing. You save a lot of brainpower and soul searching not being guilty or mad at yourself for not getting shit done. Because by the time you would have gotten into the self-loathing of the unmotivated, guess what?

Your things got done.

I would say to try it, but that’s not how discipline works.

Don’t try. Do it.

And do it again tomorrow. And the next day.

And a big red x (that shows that you have completed tasks) on the calendar is all the “motivation” you need. An unbroken chain of red x after red x is your new momentum. It’s gravity. It’s going to happen because you’re going to show up and do it.

And again. And again.

But you have to start now. And then just never stop. Never skip. No excuses possible.

Set yourself free.


I hope Colin’s frank quote does not scare you away.

I use the same in my own life and I help my clients to be disciplined.

We are sometimes far too addicted to motivational videos and quotes. Those things do work but we become too busy to get another dose of motivation over and over again.

I do my best to treat my clients extremely well. I share the tools that make them more productive and that too effortlessly.

You don’t need to work for longer hours to get more things done.

Once you have the system that makes you disciplined, you are on your way on autopilot to achiedisciplined-2ve more.

Take Action and Get Things Done!

If you would like to be disciplined and achieve more without working for longer hours, read below and pay attention to how you too can be a high performer.

So, Here’s a task for you:

  • Find out what are the most important 10 things to you. Make a list of those things.
  • Do it consistently for 2-3 weeks continuously whether you are motivated or not. Repeat it over until you feel like your daily ritual.
  • Mark with Big Red X on completion of each task. You will be surprised to know how many things you can do effortlessly.

Reply to me….

So let’s do this

– Mayur Bardolia

Results Coach/ Author

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