How to deal with fear?

How to deal with fear?

You know that we want to live a fulfilling life. We have dreams and goals.

You know you make plans, no matter how accurate or not.

You want to stick to it.

Sometimes you get frustrated with little or no result but still, you make plans of upgrading yourself and your business.

fear-of-the-unknownYou think of achieving outrageous success.

Here’s the problem, you start with energy but energy stays in your brain and you can’t convert your thoughts into action.

What is stopping you?

It’s ‘FEAR’.

Let’s find out, how I have helped one of my clients with the same issue.

Almost no one can tell you what exactly they are being fearful of.

It’s difficult to explain.

So, what to do to deal with fear?

Most of the people are having fear of failure or success.

Yes, some people actually have fear of success. 

Believe me, some people actually have fear of big goals and massive action.

They can’t see themselves achieving massive results.

Many people have fear of failure.

The study shows that we were born with only two kinds of fear.

  1. Fear of falling
  2. Fear of sudden loud noise


All other fears wfeeling-overwhelmedere learned or accepted from others.

I got a powerful question for you.

“What would you do if you don’t have fear to do what you want to do?”


Just imagine and imagine wildly.

There is a word of caution: Imagine something which is humanly possible so far.


If a thing is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach.


Now, start taking massive action regardless of your fear.

Plan carefully, create in-depth strategy considering all the negative forces including obstacles and design the ways to overcome those obstacles.

Obstacles will always be there. Deal with them.

Most of the times, fear is not real.

Be fearless.

What would happen if you take action without fear?

What would happen if you don’t take action and be fearful?

Once people are fearless, they create extraordinary results.
They start achieving what they were dreaming to achieve for many years.

Now, here’s task for you

  • What action do you need to take to get what you want?
  • What would you do even if you have fear?
  • What would happen if you don’t take action and be fearful?

Contact me if you need assistance to do this.

I will be happy to talk to you.

– Mayur Bardolia

Results Coach/ Author


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All Rights Reserved

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