Why creativity isn’t always required in business?

Why your business idea should not always be ‘creative’? 

You know we are asked to think beyond the box.

We believe that to make a profitable business, we need to think of creative ideas. We start staring at the wall and push our mind to think of creative ideas or creative ways to do things.

After so much of thinking, you lose hope and you give up. You get confused and think, “How do successful business people generate creative ideas?”o

Here’s the fact: The business doesn’t necessarily make a profit with creative ideas or product.

If you can’t find creative ideas, stop blaming yourself.

Now, what to do instead?

nooriginalideasCreativity can actually minimise your probability of success. If you look into the history, most of the inventions are made based on whatever has been tested, proven and worked already. They just did tiny or more than tiny addition into an already existing product or service.


Think about that…


Most of the things you see around were changed. Sometimes they were recycled.

Sometimes they are manipulated.

When it comes to being creative in business, it sometimes blocks the chances of succeeding.

If you look around in the market, most of the wealth has been generated by doing whatever has already been proven just a little better than by anything else.

Let’s take an example of the film industry. It’s one of the most creative industries in the world. Most of the movies are the remake and recycled again different settings. There are very few movies we can call as an original.

Now, the question is,

newconceptIf an industry which prides itself on being creative shamelessly copies models which have worked in the past, why shouldn’t you do the same?

The problem with creative people is that they believe that the idea itself has a value. They believe that idea alone will generate the profit.

While the value and wealth are created by boring tasks such as finding paying client, inventory control, supply chain management, finding suppliers, finding right employees etc. The idea will be valued only when it will be created and produced in reality.

The problem with the entirely new concept is that you need to educate your clients to buy it and make them feel safer to buy your product or service. Remember that we don’t want to get out of our comfort zone and try new things. We sense danger when we see and try something entirely new concept.

On the other hand, if you just add a little extra to the product or service already existing in thefind-a-profitable-niche market, you don’t have to educate your customers and yet they will still see your product and service as unique.

When you create profit, it doesn’t matter if you have created that profit with a wildly creative product or service or not. Nobody asks a rich person if he had made money with creative ideas or not.

Now, here’s task for you

  • Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, try looking around for a business model that is already succeeding.
  • Using that as a baseline, what can be added with a little zeal and diligence. That should point you in the best direction to head, instead of trying to create something from scratch just for the fun of it.

Contact me if you need assistance to do this.

I will be happy to talk to you.

– Mayur Bardolia

Results Coach/ Author

Email: mayurbardolia@gmail.com

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