What small changes I will make will create a BIG impact?

What small changes I will make will create a BIG impact?

It’s the middle of the year.

Now, 6 months until the end of 2019.

Many things have changed in the last 6 months.

I set BIG goals at the beginning of the year. Some of them are already in progress. 

Recently, I took a few days off from my work. I stayed away from my laptop for two weeks.

Although, I was on a business and education trip to Mumbai. I unplugged myself from the internet for most of the time. I was just observing life and people.

I found that there are a few tiny little changes we should do to create a BIG impact.

Small changes, BIG impact.

What small things can you do that doesn’t necessarily take much effort, but produce major results?

The question is powerful. It’s more powerful when you come up with the answer and implement them.

What are the are a few small changes I am going to implement that I hope will create a BIG impact on my life?

Staying out of the computer screen and getting out in life.

Too much information is loaded everyday. The information is overwhelming and it’s too distracting.

Because your mind has to process every word you see and every picture you see.

Just imagine the amount words we see/hear and the number of images we see, it’s too much of load on the mind.

It’s tiring and fries up your brain leaving no energy to think further.

To deal with this monster problem, I am going to limit my screen time. 

And focusing on life. REAL LIFE.

Nature, New Experience, New People, New Environment, New Challenges.


I am going to scheduling and automating almost all of my content.

(I encourage you to stop consuming content whenever you’re ready as well — yes that includes my content too.)

Minimizing reading the books

Again, TONS of books are coming into the market. Every author is claiming to be the best author. A lot of bombarding of books.


Do you mean reading books is bad? Not at all. I will share more on this later on.

Reading books and avoiding the necessary work is not a great idea to create a big impact.

I am going to read books only during my travel, before I go to bed and the time when I have no energy to do the REAL work.

Rest of the time, I will be focusing on business execution, having quality time with people, spending time for myself alone etc.


Asking myself: “Is this a good use of time?” throughout the day 

Time is a big illusion, but it’s still important to control and make sure it moves you in the right direction.

I want to continue to strengthen my relationship with it.

Asking myself this question is one way to do that.


Continuing to master the craft of marketing (My favourite)

I have been going too deeper in mastering the greatest skill called ‘Marketing and Sales’ for the last 4+ years.

I have noticed that most people struggle to convey their message, story and idea to people.

You grow in proportion to your marketing and sales skill. PERIOD.  Most don’t want to market and sell, and they fall.

The game of marketing is fascinating. Very few people know that I am also helping people to craft their marketing and sales messages, sales pitch and presentation.

For the last more than 4 years, I have been helping people to increase their profit without spending money on stupid things such as leaflet, billboards etc.

I will constantly be innovating, testing, applying new ideas with pigheaded discipline.


I strongly recommend you to learn this skill. 

If you’re not, you will be busted.

Want to learn?

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It made my clients a ton of money.

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Devoting 100% attention to whatever is before me

Work, a person, a piece of music, a tree, whatever — I want to lose myself and live and work and breathe and eat in a constant state of never-ending flow.

This is where all the magic happens.

Most never feel magic. They only feel pain.


Filling ordinary moments of life w/ extraordinary experiences

Nobody gives a damn. We’re all going to die soon.

Take the ordinary and transform it into an extraordinary moment. 

Talk to strangers. 

Step outside your comfort zone.

Let it ride.


Your friend,

– Mayur Bardolia
Results Coach/ Author
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