Do you have the courage to think bigger? Test Now…

Do you have courage to think bigger? Test Now…

Every client I meet has a desire to grow and achieve exponential success.

They share with me about what they want and who they want to be. But most of the time it’s shallow.

People actually have the fear of seeing strong vision. People are afraid of setting a bigger goal.
It’s actually not so easy to set higher standard for most of the people. That’s why only few people can become successful because they can see themselves bigger.
Let me share with you what exactly I do with my clients who has the similar issue.Here’s an example,


Meet ‘Tejas’, who is a small business owner. He tried every single technique which can help him to play at a bigger level.

When he came to me to start coaching with me.

I asked him to say
Que. 1. “I want to make _____ amount of money (current income) in the next year.”

I asked him to notice his level of comfort in his body and mind.

Then I asked him to say

Que. 2. “I want to make _____ amount of money (10X times more than right now)”

With hesitation, he fumbled and thought for 5 seconds to answer.sales-performance_sales-professional_golden-rule

He finally said but he was not comfortable.

I asked him “What question made you feel uncomfortable?”

He answered, “The second question.”


I said “You need to have the courage to see your bigger version. You need to be fearless in order to play at a bigger level.”

If you can not say out your bigger version loudly, you can not play at a bigger level.

Do the same exercise and share your experience with me.

Do this with different criteria such as, wealth accumulation, the number of employees, growth of your company in terms of area etc.

Do you know that people can not achieve their goals because they are far too afraid to see them in playing at bigger level?

In my Results Coaching, I help my clients to play at the bigger level.

You need to have someone who can help you to get out of your comfort zone.

It’s a lot easier than doing it alone.

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To your enlightened success,

Mayur Bardolia

Results Coach/ Author


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